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Mayor's Message

James McCarron
Taneytown Mayor

"Live Love, Act Truth, Honor Life
         Carlo Carretto

(4/1) Springtime greetings! Blessings to all, during this most joyful of seasons. We, of Judeo- Christian traditions celebrate our redemption at this time of year. The Jews, their redemption from slavery in Egypt, during the feast of Passover (Pesach, 3/25-4/2) and Christians, redemption from death that results in the promise of everlasting life! (1 Cor. 15:55) at Easter (3/31). Could there be a better time of year to celebrate this new life then springtime? I think not. Spend some time talking with your kids about the real meaning of our holidays. It is important that we pass on to our children real meaning of these holidays.

Not only are we thankful for this joyful season, but we should be thankful for all that has been going on in and around town, since I last wrote you all. A lot has happened indeed! I am happy to report the final project, connected with Street Scape, has been completed. That was the installation of new water lines and (some) sidewalks on York and Frederick Street. By the time you read these comments we should have the final overlay of our portion of MD RT 194 completed. The Mayor & City Council introduced the fiscal year 2014 budget at the March Council Meeting (3/11). A public hearing will be held on Wednesday April 3rd, in Council Chambers to discuss final approval. YOU are invited to attend this meeting (begins at 7:30PM) and offer your comments for consideration by the Council. I promised you in my State of the City report that I would do everything possible to hold the line on taxes. We were able to do that. No tax increase (from the City) this year! My thanks to the staff and Council members and their diligence in helping arrive at this yearís budget. The budget is austere. There was not (and has not been, over the last several years) room for many "frills". We have been able to hold the line on excess spending and still provide for the services we have all come to depend on from the City. For the first time since the recession began (2008) we have been able to offer our employees a small salary increase. If you would like a copy of the budget, you may pick one up at City Hall or view it on our web site (

In other big news, this year is election year in Taneytown. The City of Taneytown will hold itís City Election on Monday 5/6/2013 between 7AM and 7PM at the Taneytown Police Department, 120 E. Baltimore St, Taneytown. The election is for three full-term (4-year) Councilmember seats. If you have been a Taneytown resident for at least two years and are over the age of twenty-five, you are eligible to run for election. Time is short, though, the filing deadline is April 8th by 4 PM. If you are interested please pick up a candidate application form at City Hall during regular business hours. Our City Clerk/Treasurer Linda Quinn can answer all your questions.

As we look forward to warmer weather, we are reminded of all the activities available around town. Last Spring/summer/fall proved to be a banner year for the City as far as the number of family events presented. I think we all can look back and pick a favorite. This year promises to be just a remarkable. Many of our biggest successes will be back, bigger and better than ever. In early (June 9th) the County Crusiín Car Show will be back in Memorial Park, followed by the (Best) Taneytown VFD Firemanís Carnival (June 10-15) and then the 2nd Annual Wine Art & Jazz Festival on June 22. There will be a lot more to come. To view the complete list of upcoming events visit our web site. Springtime also means "sports" and in Taneytown and youth sports has always been a huge focus and success. There are enough varieties of team sports available so that all our kids can put down the X Box or Wii, get up off the couch and shake off those winter cob webs. So whatever sport may be; if it is baseball or softball, lacrosse or soccer, football or just fishiní in one of our ponds, get out and participate and enjoy our parks. Bob Mitchell, our Parks & Rec director can provide the details.

I hope all of you are looking forward to the coming season as much as I. Even though this winter "could have been a lot worse" I am always glad to see springtime arrive. If you have not done so, make it a point to visit our downtown historic district. The downtown has never looked better (Taneytown is listed on the National Register of Historic Places). Stop by City Hall and pick up a newly published "Walking Tour" brochure and visit some of our historic homes and buildings. Make sure too, you stop and read the historical makers that have been placed around town. We should be proud of our heritage. Our community was founded in 1754 and in those 259 years we have made a considerable contribution to our State and our nationís history. Come, explore you heritage! I will see you there!

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