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From sidewalk sales to puppy dog tails:
Taneytown forges a come back

Richard D. L. Fulton

(8/24) Major roadway and sidewalk improvements completed towards the end of 2011 in Taneytown help set the stage for a number of repeat events, and several new ones.

Since completion of the revitalization of the highway and sidewalk infrastructure last year, and town administrators have set their sights into propelling Taneytown into home base for community-related events to draw people into the town.

The latest borough-generated event was the August 19, town-wide sidewalk sale.

Although not perfect, as Nancy B. McCormick, Taneytown economic development director, indicated, several areas of the town, such as the developments, apparently did well.

Part of the sidewalk improvements, meeting sometimes-controversial Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, apparently hindered sidewalk sales areas in the downtown area due to limitations on sidewalk use.

"Main Street traffic (setting up sales relative to pedestrian access) was a problem," McCormick stated. "With ADA compliance, people just can’t do just anything they want to (relating to the use of the sidewalks), but that‘s okay. We have other areas that could be used."

Residents and businesses were allowed to hold their own yard sales in their yards or along the sidewalks, and no permit was required (Taneytown does not have a yard sale permit in any event).

"We really didn’t play it up. We really didn’t push that one as much," McCormick said. "This was an idea thrown on the table (among a list of suggested events)."

"This was the first year for this," she said. "We’ll take a look next year (at how it played out). Some of the subdivisions I understand did fine."

Coming up next, a Pet Expo in September.

The Tails of Taneytown Parade & Event will be held September 15 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Old Creamery Parking lot behind the police station at 120 E. Baltimore Street.

The event will include contests, prizes, pet basket raffles, vendors, and other activities.

Registration for the pet parade, which will occur at noon, begins at 11 a.m. The entry fee for participation in the parade is pet food or a monetary donation for pets in need.

Vendor space is available at $25 per space. Sponsorships are also available. For additional information, contact McCormick at (410) 751-1100.

"This (the pet event) is something new too," McCormick stated. "We’re just trying to get people in town."

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