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Thousands attend Taneytown carnival

Richard D. L. Fulton

(6/18) Volunteer fire companies around the country are heavily dependent on fund-raising as a means to supplement the often surprisingly low return on donation solicitation campaigns.

Among a variety of fund raising efforts help by emergency responders, three of the top tier include carnivals, bingo games and "feeds, otherwise known as all-you-can-eat meals.

The most heavily attended and generally most successful fire company-sponsored events are the "firemenís carnivals," almost certainly dating back to the Turn-of-the Century (a term still applied to the transition between the 19th and 20th centuries).

The firemenís carnival do more than just raise funds for a local volunteer fire department. They offer an escape for the evening from the dayís tribulations, a serve as a social gathering place for young and old.

The downside is weather, which can ruin the best of planning and the hopes of raising a significant proportion of many local fire companiesí budgets for the coming year.

Inclement weather proved to be no threat to this yearís Taneytown Volunteer Fire Companyís annual carnival.

The carnival opened daily beginning 5 p.m. from June 11 through June 16 at the carnival grounds on Taneytown Pike, with rides and entertainment continuing into the evening hours each night.

The event featured nightly entertainment offered by a number of performance groups, including Tall In The Saddle, Rivers Bend Band, Roll The Dice, Sticktime, Bob Plankert & Real Country, and Iron Ridge Bluegrass.

If you missed the Taneytown carnival you can make amends July 2nd to 7th at the Harney Fire Company Carnival, 5130 Harney Road. The carnival runs from 6 to 11 pm and features rides, food, games and great entertainment!

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