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Mount to host $60M solar farm

Rick Fulton
Gettysburg Times

(12/10) Mount Saint Mary’s University will serve as the home of what will be one of the largest solar power farms in the United States in 2012.

Christian Kendzierski, Mount Office of Communications, reported Wednesday that the university is partnering with Constellation Energy Group "to create and house one of the nation’s largest solar photovoltaic power farms."

Kendzierski stated, "The Mount is dedicating 100 of its 1,400 campus acres to this initiative."

According to information posted by Constellation Energy Group on its Web site, the proposed Mount solar facility will cost around $60 million.

The solar farm will be "constructed, owned, operated and maintained by Constellation Energy ("

The system is expected to produce more than 21,000,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

The solar energy farm, to be completed by December 2012, "would be the largest solar photovoltaic installation in Maryland. Only two photovoltaic systems currently in operation in the U.S. are larger," Constellation Energy stated.

"This project is part of the state-wide initiative, Generating Clean Horizons, to use clean, renewable resources to supply power to Maryland universities and many state-run offices," Kendzierski stated.

Mount President Thomas H. Powell said, "This unique partnership with Constellation Energy strengthens Mount Saint Mary’s University’s commitment to Maryland and to the promotion and creation of clean energy."

"It continues the ‘greening’ of the Mount," Powell stated. "Our students will be on the forefront of responsible land use and creation of renewable energy resources."

The university president noted that "Frederick County will benefit not only from our generation of clean energy, but also from the reduction of dependence on more traditional use of coal, natural gas and fossil fuels. "

This power system is expected to be completed by December 2012 and create 15.9 megawatts of power with 1.2 megawatts being returned to the Mount.

Mayo A. Shattuck III, chairman, president and chief executive officer, Constellation Energy, stated, "Constellation Energy is pleased to be partnering with the state of Maryland and Mount St. Mary’s University on the Generating Clean Horizons initiative to develop new sources of clean power and stimulate the economy through the growth of the clean energy sector.

"This large-scale solar facility will make a significant contribution to our shared goal of a cleaner energy future." he said.

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