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Ministry of Lector Installation at
Mount St. Mary’s Seminary

The Most Reverend Elden F. Curtiss, archbishop of Omaha, recently installed 26 seminarians into the ministry of lector at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Md, on April 23, 2004 .The ceremony took place in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception.

Seminarians normally receive this ministry at the end of their first year of theological studies. Lectors are appointed for the task of reading the word of God in the liturgical assembly. Their formation at the Mount helps seminarians cultivate knowledge and love of the sacred Scriptures, preparing them not only to read the word of God, but to assimilate that word in their hearts.

Among the 26 seminarians of the first year of theology installed into the ministry of lector were Denis Marcel Beauregard (Br. Andrew) and Christopher Michael Grant (Br. Benedict) of the diocese of Fall River/Franciscans of the Primitive Observance; Kevin Michael Butler, Anthony Louis Catella, Josue Vargas-Lara and John Paul Lovell of the diocese of Rockford; Lawrence Daniel Carney, III and Matthew David Marney of the diocese of Wichita; Jonathon Ward Hanten and Gustavo Adolfo O’Campo of the archdiocese of Atlanta; Benjamin Paul Holdren and Rafael Rodriguez-Fuentes of the diocese of Lincoln; John Russell Johnson and David Alan Koetter of the diocese of Savannah; Gregory Gene Keck of the diocese of Peoria; Gregory William Kelly of the diocese of Scranton; Joshua Michael Kibler of the archdiocese of Omaha; David Manna of the archdiocese of Hartford; Paul Dean Nguyen of the archdiocese of Washington;

Dallas Theodore St. Peter and Jon-Daniel Schnobrich of the diocese of Burlington; John Christian Sillup of the archdiocese of Newark; Adam Andrew Streitenberger and Joseph Thomas Yokum of the diocese of Columbus; Christopher Thomas Vaccaro of the diocese of Arlington; and Peter Karl Zorjan of the diocese of Peoria.

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