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Wireman turns over the reigns of his radio show after 20 years

(1/17) “This is your host George Wireman.”

For more than 20 years, residents of Thurmont have been able to listen to “George Wireman’s Thurmont World” on the radio.

“Over 20 years, you have listened to my voice and learned of the many interesting facts pertaining to Thurmont and its many interesting citizens,” Wireman said.

On Jan. 11, Wireman taped his last show, which was broadcast on WTHU on Jan. 12.

“After 20 years of doing this show, which has become a tradition on WTHU, I feel that the time has come to give it up,” Wireman said as he made the announcement of his retirement.

Wireman spent much of the final half-hour show reminiscing about life in Thurmont over the years. He got choked up as he thanked his long-term sponsor, Cozy Restaurant, and WTHU.

Wireman also introduced his successor behind the microphone, Vickie Grinder.
“It’s a great honor to sit here with you and be picked as the one to replace you,” Grinder told Wireman.

Grinder has been a guest on the show multiple times over the years. Her radio experience began as Wireman’s guest during live feeds from the Cozy or during festivals. During the past year, she has filled in as host when Wireman has been unable to.

Grinder said she enjoyed hosting so much, “I told Chuck, if someday George ever retires, please consider me for the job and by God, I got the call the other day.”
Wireman has been heard on radio on and off since Thurmont got its first radio station in 1968. He got his own show more than 20 years ago and named it after the newspaper column he wrote called “This and That.” Since then, he has been interviewing local officials, business owners and interesting people.

“Actually, I never dreamed it would go on this long,” Wireman said.

He said he will miss finding interesting guests and coming out to the studio to tape conversations with the guests.

He wished Grinder well and offered to help out whenever he could. Then he signed off, “Until then, a happy and thankful new year to all of you.”

Thurmont World can be heard on WTHU 1450 AM Saturday mornings at 9 a.m.

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