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Vic Jagow: Serving Thurmont
 for half a century

(12/29) When Vic Jagow arrived in Thurmont 50 years ago, he knew he was moving to the country. He had moved from a western New York city of 100,000 people to the small town of 1,600 in northern Frederick County.

Jagow was working for Moore Business Forms and had taken a promotion to create a new department in the administration. He'd visited the town a number of times, but was unsure how he would fit in.

"My superior said one good way to learn about the community and people was to get involved and help," Jagow said.

At the time, he said the only civic organization in town was the Lions Club.

"The Lions Club served as a Chamber of Commerce in a way," Jagow said. "Most of the people who belonged either had a business in town or worked in a business in town."

Even before Jagow became an official member of the Lions Club, he was writing the club bulletin. Since then, he has served as the club's secretary, president and zone chairman.

"It's been a most satisfactory experience or I wouldn't have been with them as long as I have," Jagow said.

He is currently the longest-serving member in the club and has seen a lot of the good the club has done for Thurmont.

"It served as a catalyst and sounding board for many of the activities that needed to take place in town," Jagow said.

Some of the Lions Club local activities over the years include:

  • Helping establish the Little League in town
  • Rehabilitating the Thurmont trolley trail
  • Helping clear the land for Community Park
  • Building the scouting activity building.

Jagow said, "Lions members also helped organize the medical center here in town. The town attracted young doctors out of medical school and many of them are still here."

He said that because of the Lions Club civic involvement, it has been used as a source of feedback to help Thurmont continue to meet the needs of its residents. And Jagow continues to serve proudly as a Lion.

"He's not just a member, he's an active, supportive member and has been all his time as a Lion," said Lions President Susan Favorite. "That's an awesome statement on Vic's personality and dedication."

In honor of Jagow's service, the board of the Thurmont Lions Club created the Victor Jagow Scholarship. It is a $1,000 four-year renewable scholarship open to either traditional or non-traditional students. The Thurmont Lions Club Scholarship Committee will develop the specifics for the scholarship application process.