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Carl Angleberger dedicates life to service

Ingrid Mezo

(12/8) Carl Angleberger loves being a cop so much, he’s doing it for free.

Just one month after he retired from the Baltimore County police department in December 1996, Angleberger signed on as a reserve deputy with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

Angleberger now puts in an average of 77 hours each month with the Sheriff’s Office, and has to meet the same training requirements as the paid deputies, he said.

As one of a handful of reserve deputies, Angleberger takes lower priority calls to free up the career deputies to handle more involved incidents.

When he first came on, he flew an airplane for the sheriff’s office, doing surveillance, speed enforcement, aggressive driver patrol, searches, remote area checks and air observation for officers’ safety. Now that the sheriff’s office no longer owns a plane, Angleberger drives a patrol car.

‘‘I really haven’t had a job since 1967," Angleberger said. ‘‘My father always told me to find something I enjoyed doing and not worry about making money."

But, no one could say Angleberger has not had an active life. Angleberger, who lives in Rocky Ridge, worked as a Baltimore County cop for 30 years, rising through the ranks to become a corporal, then a sergeant and then supervisor of Baltimore County’s Aviation Unit.

‘‘I knew I wanted to be either a cop or a firefighter from the time I was 5 years old," Angleberger said.

Angleberger served in the Navy from 1960 to 1964, and received a good conduct award during his service.

While in the Navy, he attended the U.S. Navy Fire Fighting School.

Before he was trained as a police officer in 1967, Angleberger served as an original member of the Graceham Volunteer Fire Co., starting in 1963, just three years after the company was founded.

But, when it came down to shooting pool and playing cards in the firehouse waiting for a call, or being out on the streets having constant contact with people, Angleberger decided that police work was more up his alley.

When his brother-in-law informed him of an opening on the Baltimore County police department, Angleberger jumped at the chance to fulfill his childhood dream.

During the 30 years Angleberger worked as a police officer in Baltimore County, he continued to volunteer for a variety of local fire and rescue companies aside from Graceham, including the Vigilant Hose Fire Co. in Emmitsburg, the Emmitsburg Ambulance Company and the Rocky Ridge Volunteer Fire Company.

He is a life member of the first three, and has been a driver for all the companies.

While volunteering actively for the Emmitsburg Volunteer Ambulance Co., Angleberger served as president in 1984, and received the Donald B. Bryard Humanitarian Award in 1998.

He served as fire chief of the Graceham Volunteer Fire Co. in 1989. During his time on the Rocky Ridge Volunteer Fire Co., Angleberger was responsible for acquiring the company’s first EMS unit. Angleberger continues to actively volunteer for the Vigilant Hose Co., but volunteering as a cop is now his top commitment.

‘‘It seems like ever since I was little, he has always been volunteering in the community," his daughter, Lori, said. ‘‘He loves to be the first responder anywhere where there is action."

Lori, 31, now lives in Los Angeles, Calif.

‘‘He definitely inspired me to be adventurous, and not be afraid, and take chances," Lori said. ‘‘He taught me that it’s OK to make mistakes — that’s how you gain experience."

Angleberger’s sense of adventure inspired him to learn how to fly by taking lessons at Frederick Airport. He and his cousin bought a plane in 1984, and Angleberger received his pilot’s license in 1986.

In addition to allowing Angleberger to get on the aviation unit with Baltimore County police, which he eventually supervised, his flight training also helped him and his wife, Jeanne, open an aerial photography business called Skyview Photos, which the couple ran for 15 years.

Although Angleberger spends a lot of time volunteering, he still finds time for his family, Jeanne said.

‘‘We have been married since 1966," Jeanne said. ‘‘That’s a long time in today’s age... He is a great father to his children he is a fun person to be with and adventurous.

‘‘He is a great husband, and a great team player in a marriage."

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