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Harney to hold second Ball Field Tournament

(8/26) Several Harney organizations are coming together again to hold the second annual Harney Ball Field Tournament.

The event, to be held September 14 and 15, is being sponsored by the Harney Volunteer Fire Department, Harney Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), and Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church. The ball park is owned by Saint Paul's, which is located at Conover and Bowers roads in Harney.

The Original Harney baseball players who built their own field after retuning home from WWII

Frank M. Rauschenberg, an active member of the VFW, said, “Back in the 50s and 60s, many of the citizens in and around the community of Harney remember the Harney Ball Club at Conover and Bowers Road in Harney.”

“People from all around came to play and/or watch on any given Sunday afternoon,” Rauschenberg said. “The field lay dormant for many years. Now, the ball field will come alive again.”

In 1946, 15 men from Harney, Carroll County, Maryland and neighboring communities, formed a baseball club known as the Harney Baseball Club, Inc., Rauschenberg noted. “In August, 2001, the ball club disbanded and the property was deeded to Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church in Harney.”

The two day softball low-D tournament will be held from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. on September 14, and from noon until 4 p.m. on September 15.

This will be a ten team, single elimination event, with cash prizes awarded to the final top three teams. Gift certificates will be given to all participating teams.

The field and concession stand will be restored for the game, along with the addition of a back stop and bases. Food and drinks will also be available at a nominal price.

Rauschenberg stated that proceeds from the tournament “will be given to a local family for medical expenses of their 9-year old daughter who is battling a serious illness. It’s hoped that the family and their daughter will be present on Saturday to open the ceremonies.”

Service clubs, civic organizations, church assemblies, and community groups are welcome to organize a team and participate in the tournament. The entry fee is $125 per team.

Additional information can be obtained by calling Rauschenberg at 410-756-5444.

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