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State appropriates $450,000 for 150TH Anniversary Commemoration events

(7/2) The Adams County Board of Commissioners, along with State Senator Rich Alloway and Representatives Moul & Tallman, are very proud to announce that an appropriation of $450,000 has been passed in the State Budget on Sunday, to support basic community infrastructure and resource needs for the 150TH Gettysburg Anniversary Commemoration events.

Approximately two years ago the 150TH Gettysburg Steering Committee was created to address issues related to the 150TH commemoration activities. Major community entities, from all sectors of Adams County business and government, met monthly to plan and coordinate for the anticipated impact of 150TH events. With the Tourism Industry one of the two largest industries in Adams County, proper planning and execution was critical to improve basic infrastructure needs, enhance this one time economic opportunity for our county and leave a favorable impression in the eyes of the world - eyes that are and will be cast upon Adams County.

Unlike previous Gettysburg Anniversary's commemorations, that were significantly funded by the Federal and State Government since the 25TH Battle Anniversary, there was little or no money available for commitment to the 150TH commemoration with current federal, state and local budget constraints. The 150TH Steering Committee compiled a list of basic infrastructure requirements to support the hundreds of events from June through December; but struggled for months as to how to fund them. They included things like traffic control, parking, police overtime and emergency services.

Passage of this item in the budget is a significant victory for Adams County residents. It happened because of a unique spirit of cooperation and collaboration between the 150 Gettysburg Steering Committee, Main Street Gettysburg, community partners, Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Adams County Board of Commissioners, State Senator Rich Alloway, Representatives Moul, Representative Tallman and Governor Tom Corbett. The Board of Commissioners and our State Legislators were able to convince House & Senate leadership that the commemoration was not only important to Adams County - but to the State of Pennsylvania as well. We sincerely thank the Governor and Pennsylvania legislative leadership for recognizing the significance of our community and the significance of the 150TH Anniversary Commemoration. The commissioners had the opportunity to personally thank Governor Corbett, Senator Alloway and Representative Moul at the Seminary Ridge Museum opening on Monday.

Despite the present difficulty of state budget funding, this will be the second time in several months that the collaboration of the Adams County Board of Commissioners and our State Legislators has led to a significant monetary award for Adams County. This spring the county was awarded a $3,250,000 RCAP Grant from the state to help defray some of the cost of the new 911 radio system.

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