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Vincent Gee, Candidate for Liberty Township Supervisor

(11/2017) In the last couple months I have journeyed to all corners of our township to hear the opinions of the voters of Liberty Township. I have conversed with voters regarding many different issues. These issues include the Wormald development, casino, wildlife populations and financial accountability. The question which stands out the most which was asked of me was, "How can one person make a difference in our township?"

"Showing a positive attitude, an openness to ideas and a desire to perform ones best." is in my opinion the optimal way to make a difference in our township.

We must end the negativity which has encircled our township. Negativity has never accomplished anything other than destruction and we ought to eradicate it. Many people I spoke with in our township stated that they refuse to attend the township meetings due to the amount of hostility there. How can we solve the problems facing us when the people who can make a difference won’t attend? We need to change this.

Furthermore, in business I have realized that no one person has all the first-class ideas. Success is determined by the ability of an organization to consider all options available. A successful manager must be a shepherd of exceptional ideas. The shepherd must keep the flock safe and protect it from the wolves, which try to harm or steal. In retrospect, we have all experienced what a bad manager looks and acts like, do we want another six years of this type of township management?

Finally, the last way a manager can make a difference is to demonstrate a desire to perform to the best of one’s ability. This facet needs little explanation, we all know what the best looks like. Sometimes our best might not always be the first place, but the desire to achieve our best is always visible in our actions. As always, "a task worth doing, is a task worth doing right".

For the prior two years, our township experimented with the complete opposite of this management approach. Has the incumbent Mr. Barlow accomplished anything? Does the township operate smoother? Are we solving problems and moving forward? Unfortunately, the answer is no. As of today we are still in the mists of frivolous lawsuits and I reckon our local government will continue to deteriorate unless an alteration is made to the management of our township.

November 7th we can improve the future of our township with a vote for Vince Gee as township supervisor. Become a voter on November 7th and make a difference!

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