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Vincent Gee, Candidate for Liberty Township Supervisor

(10/2017) The ability to communicate thoughts and ideas plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Every day we interact with hundreds, if more people via the internet, telephones, newspapers, and in person. Our ability to communicate starts developing right after we are born and our messages carry on long after we have passed away. Our success as an individual and community is determined by our ability to discuss our ideas with one another to solve problems.

I believe, the most critical skill a township supervisor can possess is the ability to communicate. Supervisors must be able to convey their thoughts clearly to other supervisors, employees and the public. When communication fails, lawsuits soon follow as anyone following Liberty Township can attest to. Therefore it is important to elect individuals who speak and write effectively and do not pass this responsibility to others.

Additionally, beyond having the skills to communicate well, one must also have the desire to establish relationships with people or businesses they would prefer not to. As a supervisor, your job is not to decide with whom you will interact, but to collaborate with all to solve problems and issues facing the township.

Today’s world has no room for a supervisor who lets others communicate for them due to their lack of skill or motivation. Currently, Mr. Barlow’s campaign is built on others communicating for him, whether it is written or spoken. It is seldom that he communicates directly with the people of the township and when he does communicate directly his facts are usually in question. In fact, at the 09/21/2017 Supervisors Workshop he chooses to attack people instead of answering questions.

Is this the type of person we want as a supervisor? More importantly, can we afford to have more lawsuits due to his lack of ability? I would say "No."

In comparison, I have built my career on my ability to convey and explain abstract ideas to others. Every day I interact with all types of people. I want to use my skills in conversation to establish a dialog and relationship with the people of our township.

I believe our community is special, and we can overcome any obstacle if we communicate with one another. If the ability and desire to communicate is important to you, please cast your vote for Vincent Gee this November 7!

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