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Liberty Township proposes amended traffic ordinance

Danielle Ryan

(8/2) On July 11, Liberty Township voted to advertise an amendment to Ordinance 2017-02, originally Ordinance 2 -1999. This Ordinance prohibits certain traffic and vehicular conduct within the Township’s parameters. Such conduct includes: drag racing of vehicles, spinning tires or accelerating for no apparent reason, operating a vehicle in an offensive manner or endangering, or causing alarm to residents and anyone using the Township’s roads.

As the ordinance originally stood, there was a $100 fine per violation. The amendment to the ordinance proposes a stair step approach, in which additional violations to the ordinance incur higher penalties. Any violators could incur a $100 - $1,000 fine for the first offense, a $250 - $1,000 fine for the second offense, a $500 - $1,000 fine for the third offense. If a perpetrator continues to violate the ordinance, they may receive $1,000 and may be sentenced up to thirty days in jail.

This ordinance amendment may be in response to residents of Liberty Township who voiced their concerns several months ago with a family of reckless drivers who were caught drag racing up and down the road, in front of the resident’s farm. There was concern for the safety of the family as well as the animals kept on the property.

According to Police Chief Brand Briggs, this stair step approach is in line with a majority of surrounding Townships in Adams County. If the identification of the vehicle can be made, the fine may be given to the offender. The Police Officer may not necessarily have to see the disorderly conduct in order to fine the violator.

drag racing, unnecessary acceleration, disorderly conduct.

Supervisors are also proposing an additional ordinance, which revises the fee schedule for certain municipal services of Liberty Township. Supervisors will be voting upon both ordinances at the August 1 meeting.

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