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Fairfield area News-briefs

Danielle Ryan

Hamiltonban Community Park almost complete

The Hamiltonban Community Park is still under construction, but Township officials and Parks and Recreation members are excited to announce that the Park will officially be opening on November 18. Phase one of this project will be complete and includes a brand new play structure, a pavilion, part of the walking path, fencing, and preparatory work for future parts of this project. Phase 1 was completely funded by two grants received from DCNR and Wellspan Health. Funding for phase 2 is currently in the works.

Liberty township traffic ordinance passed

On October 3, Liberty Township passed an amendment to Ordinance 2017-02, which prohibits certain traffic and vehicular conduct within the Township’s parameters. Such conduct includes: drag racing of vehicles, spinning tires or accelerating for no apparent reason, operating a vehicle in an offensive manner or endangering, or causing alarm to residents and anyone using the Township’s roads. According to Police Chief Brand Briggs, this stair step approach is in line with a majority of surrounding Townships in Adams County.

As the ordinance originally stood, there was a $100 fine per violation. The amendment to the ordinance proposes a stair step approach, in which additional violations to the ordinance incur higher penalties. Any violators could incur a $100 - $1,000 fine for the first offense, a $250 - $1,000 fine for the second offense, a $500 - $1,000 fine for the third offense. If a perpetrator continues to violate the ordinance, they may receive $1,000 and may be sentenced up to thirty days in jail.

The ordinance passed 2-1, with Supervisor John Bostek against. Bostek stated that he believes the existing fines are fine, and potential jail time after a third offense is unnecessary.

Hickory Bridge Road Bridge project re-bid

Hamiltonban and Franklin Townships voted to place the Hickory Bridge Road Bridge rehabilitation project out to bid once again to see if a more competitive bid may be received. The $149,000 bid for the bridge rehabilitation project, which was received in June, was denied as it far exceeded the original estimate. Both townships agreed to re-bid the project this fall in hopes of receiving more competitive bids.

Consideration for handling the project in-house is also being given to the project if bids received this fall are too costly. Roadmasters from both townships have been researching costs to do the project themselves, and are prepared to make a comparison when the time comes.

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