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Fairfield area news-briefs

Danielle Ryan

(2/21) Community invited to name Hamiltonban park

The Hamiltonban Township and Fairfield Borough Joint Parks and Recreation Commission is in the process of accepting name suggestions from the community for the new park that will be located at 4020 Bullfrog Rd.. The original name was Middle Creek Park, but members of the Parks and Recreation Committee wanted to offer this decision as an opportunity to get the community involved in the park. The names under consideration are: "Bullfrog Park," "Foothills Park," "Hamiltonban Community Park," "Middle Creek Park," and "Orchard Valley Park."

Community members of Hamiltonban Township and Fairfield Borough are invited to email their preference to the Township office at or call at 717-642-8509. Votes will be tallied and the winning name will be announced on May 1.

Iron Springs Plaza update

The Iron Springs Plaza bid process has been delayed due to an expired permit. Originally, as Board of Supervisors Chairman Bob Gordon mentioned, the project was intended to be sent out for bid by the end of February, but this little hiccup has caused another delay. The process of getting the permit updated and approved by the Fairfield Municipal Authority is currently underway. The bid process will not begin until the permit is approved. Further information will follow as it is released.

Liberty Township begins forensic audit

A forensic audit has been issued and began January 17. The audit was filed in regard to the prior Secretary/Treasurer Shafer scandal. Gettysburg College Forensic Accountant Karen Frey was engaged for the job. The Township will be charged a flat rate of $500 per audit, instead of an hourly charge. Residents can expect to hear any progress as it is presented to the Township staff, but there is no timeline for the auditís expected time of completion.

Carroll Valley debates yard waste removal amenity

In September of 2016 The Carroll Valley Borough Council discussed the removal of the accumulating yard waste at the yard waste disposal site, but chose to delay said removal due to lack of funds. However, four months later, the yard waste at the disposal site has nearly doubled and now the need to remove the waste is necessary.

Unfortunately, as many residents are using the disposal site properly, there are also many people, mainly contractors/companies both within and outside Carroll Valley who are using the disposal sites improperly. Some use the area to dump larger items that are not included as part of the properly disposed of material, and have been costing the Borough extra space and now, money, to truck out.

Borough Manager Dave Hazlett found a company called Ground Solutions Inc. that would take the material grind it and use it for mulch. The company would charge $8,500 to remove the waste. The funds for this removal would be taken out of the Highway General Fund.

Council member Tyler Pyles recommended Hazlett look into a possibility of negotiating a contract with the company for a few years so the Borough would have a definitive price to budget for the upcoming years of usage. Hazlett will be looking into this contract but advised Council to continue thinking of a better way to monitor the site to avoid, if possible, the dumping of excess yard waste and non-yard waste by contractors.

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