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Fairfield area news-briefs

Danielle Ryan

(11/24) Liberty Township considers Citizen’s Committee

Liberty Township will be voting again on an ordinance to form a Citizen’s Committee after the vote tied during the November 14 Board of Supervisor’s meeting. As explained by Supervisor Robert Jackson, the first task of the Citizen’s Committee would be to review the $35 septic letter fee currently held by the township. Liberty Township’s fee is the highest in Adams County. Other municipality’s fees range from $10 - $20. The Committee would consist of three to five residents who would be responsible for researching the septic fee, deliberating, and providing an objective recommendation for the Supervisors to vote on.

The concept of forming a Citizen’s Committee received some backlash during the meeting, as resident Cindy Arentz questioned the necessity of forming this group. Arentz stated that the "group as a whole can provide feedback, why elect a small group of people to do your job and disregard the opinion of the community as a whole?" As noted by Jackson, the group would simply provide a recommendation, which would be brought to the Supervisor’s monthly meetings, to be further discussed and presented to the rest of the community, before taking a vote.

The ordinance was tabled until the December meeting, after receiving a tied vote with Supervisor John Bostek absent.

Townships choose Parks Garbage Service

Townships in southwest Adams County, including Hamiltonban Township, Carroll Valley Borough and Liberty Township voted to continue their municipal solid waste contract with Parks Garbage Service. Parks Garbage was not the lowest bidder, but after reviewing the lowest bid, from Advanced Disposal, it was determined that they were the lowest responsible bidder.

All three municipalities chose Option 2, which included quarterly electronic device recycling in addition to the usual biweekly recycling and large item pick-up. The electronic device recycling only costs residents as additional $3 per month, costing residents $215 per year per household. This contract will be in effect for three years with a one-year renewal at no additional cost.

Borough Park proposed as no-smoking area

During the November 14 Carroll Valley Borough Council meeting, Council members voted to advertise the elimination of tobacco products in all Borough Parks. Recently, the Adams County Library System partnered with an organization called the Young Lungs at Play Initiative to designate the Adams County libraries as smoking-free zones. Carroll Valley proposes they follow suit and do the same.

The ordinance, as proposed, would establish all Carroll Valley parks as tobacco-free zones, including electronic smoking devices. The Young Lungs at Play Initiative will provide all signage free of charge if Carroll Valley decides to partner with them. The ordinance will be officially voted upon during the December Town Council meeting.

No tax increase for Carroll Valley

Carroll Valley Borough staff was pleased to announce that there is no projected tax increase in the proposed 2018 budget. However, Council proposes an increase in the police chief salary as well as the Assistant Secretary’s salary. The increase for the Police Chief would be $5,981 and the increase for the Assistant Secretary would be $1,500. These numbers are based upon averages seen among surrounding municipalities to bring the Borough more in line with average salaries for the respective positions.

The proposed budget for Hamiltonban Township, however, may include a tax increase. In order to pay for the replacement of Hickory Bridge road, new radios for the trucks, new mower and equipment repairs, the township would have to dip into the Capital Reserves account or raise taxes.

Supervisor Luann Dille proposed a $¼ million tax increase instead of continuing to use the township’s savings. The tax increase would mean approximately $50 additionally each resident would have to pay each year. As Supervisor Chairman Bob Gordon noted, Hamiltonban Township hasn’t increased taxes in twelve years. This increase would provide approximately $61,000 more to the Township’s budget, which would be used to help pay for some of the projects next year. This item is still being discussed; no final action has been taken.

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