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Liberty Township Supervisor candidates split tickets

Danielle Ryan

(5/30) On May 16 Liberty Township residents showed up in droves to vote for the third elected Supervisor seat, currently occupied by Walter Barlow. Both Barlow and his challenger, newcomer Vincent Gee ran on both the Republican and Democratic tickets. Barlow won the Republican ballot winning 92 votes to Gee’s 82. Gee won the Democratic ballot garnering 33 votes to Barlow’s 28. Because each won a party ticket, they will face off again in the November general election.

Normally small town elections such as this pass by without too much fuss. However, with everything that has happened within the Township over the past year, residents wanted to make sure they showed up to vote during the May election. Many residents need to see a change in the Township, and electing a new team of Supervisors may be the best way to get that change. Recently, the community has been questioning the current Board of Supervisors and their ability to serve the community. Many questions have gone unanswered or ignored, and residents are tired of it.

Unfortunately, as many residents have noted, Supervisor Chairman John Bostek’s term doesn’t end until 2019, and Supervisor Vice-Chairman Robert Jackson’s term doesn’t end until 2021. In response to these circumstances and the discontentment within the community, a group of residents have asked Jackson and Bostek to step down from their positions, noting that if they did not, they would form a petition to ask for their impeachment. Bostek simply responded with "thank you" while Jackson had no reply.

Gee has been living in the Township since 2013, and noted that he will to use his 20 years of professional and technological experience to assist the township to the best of his ability. His experience entails handling emergencies, planning, managing and working with teams. He notes his greatest strength as his "ability to bring people together to solve problems." "Our township’s success will only be through better management, honesty, new technology and teamwork. Given the opportunity, I will work on matters which are important to you," stated Gee.

Barlow was born and raised in Liberty Township, and wanted to continue serving the community as a Supervisor. In addition to being a Supervisor, he has also been a member of the road crew for many years.

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