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Local elections bring newcomers onboard

Danielle Ryan

(11/9) On November 7, residents in southern Adams County showed up to their township offices to cast their votes to fill local seats. Across the board, Liberty Township, Carroll Valley Borough and Hamiltonban Township seemed to favor Republican candidates this year. Some candidates were elected, while some new faces were voted in.

Carroll Valley Mayor Ron Harris ran uncontested for Mayor this year, receiving 453 votes; 97.21% of the votes cast. Harris has already served as the Mayor of Carroll Valley for eleven years, and was honored with the Mayor of the Year Award this past July.

The Carroll Valley Borough Council had three four-year positions and one two-year position open. The positions to be filled were the seats occupied by David Lillard, Ken Lundberg, Dan Patton and a two-year seat replacing Janis Ashman, who resigned a year ago. David Lillard was elected to the Council in January to temporarily fill the position that was vacated by Janis Ashman. He was the only incumbent to run for re-election. Results showed David Lillard held the majority of votes, 336, (27.95 %) Robert Verderaime in second with 313 votes (26.04%) and Richard Matthews will fill the third seat with a total of 274 votes (22.80 %). Jared Huster, with a vote of 381, will fill the seat for the two-year term on the Borough Council.

In Liberty Township, one seat for Township Supervisor was up for election. This seat was occupied by Walter Barlow, who chose to run for re-election against newcomer, Vincent Gee. The vote was a close one, but Barlow received the majority, 229 (54.14 %) and Gee garnered 191 votes (45.15 %).

Supervisors are elected for six-year terms in Liberty Township. There are 947 registered voters in the Township, and close to half of those residents voted in this election. This is a vast increase in votes cast from years past for similar elections. In 2013, only 197 votes were cast, and in 2015, numbers dropped to 173 votes. That makes this year’s 427 votes more than double what they were over the past several years. This was a much-anticipated election for the Township; residents filled the parking lot throughout the day to cast their vote.

In Hamiltonban Township, two Supervisor seats were open; those held by Coleen Reamer and Robert Gordon. Both Reamer and Gordon ran for re-election for the six-year term seats. Contesting the incumbents were David Bradley Martin and Edward Fitzgerald. Martin received the highest number of votes, 255 (31.14 %) and Gordon pulled 236 votes (28.82%).

There are 1,471 registered voters in Hamiltonban Township, and only 437 votes were cast. This is representative of barely one-third of residents in the Township.

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