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Carroll Valley elects new Council member

Danielle Ryan

(2/21) After reviewing seven applications for the empty seat on the Borough Council, residing members appointed David Lillard to fill the open position as Borough Council member. Council had to schedule a special meeting to elect a new member due to a deadlock vote between two applicants during the scheduled Borough Council meeting on February 14. The second meeting was held on February 20 and Vacancy Board member Frank Buhrman attended and presided over the meeting.

This special meeting was the first time in the history of the Borough that the Vacancy Board needed to gather. Before voting, Buhrman noted, "I think it’s awesome that we had the number of candidates that we did." He recommended to Borough staff that they reach out to the remaining six candidates to find other positions within the Borough’s committees to showcase their ideas, as all applicants offered new and unique points of perspective that would be beneficial to the community.

Buhrman, who spoke highly of both candidates, broke the tie and voted for Lillard. Lillard currently serves as the Vice Chairman of the Borough’s Planning Commission, and has been on that committee for seven years. He is also an active member of the Water and Sewer Commission. He is a teacher by profession and is actively involved in the school community, serving as a track and field coach. He noted a desire to work more closely with the Fairfield School Board to further promote education in the future generations of the community. He has lived in the Carroll Valley community for over fifteen years and mentioned how much he enjoyed the quiet, peaceful nature of the community, and believed in the importance of maintaining it in this way.

Current Council members noted their decision to vote in favor of Lillard because he showcased dedication, problem solving skills, and an ability to listen to all sides of an issue while remaining level headed and composed. It was also noted that there is both a desire and a need to have more members of the younger generation step up and take positions on the Council in order to present some fresh ideas and opinions.

Lillard will be officially sworn in at the next meeting, scheduled for March 14.

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