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Carroll Valley Council candidate Robert Verderaime

I respectfully solicit your vote to be your representative on the Carroll Valley Borough Council.

Unless you know the candidate personally, what criteria should you use in determining whom to vote for and who best represents your interests. I suggest that answers to the questions who, what, and why, can help make the right decision among the candidates vying for the position.

The "who" and "what" are interrelated. You would want to know who the person is, their background, their credentials, and what they can bring to the Council. I ask you to consider the following information in voting for your representative.

I am a semi-retired attorney, licensed to practice in the State of Maryland. My undergraduate degree was obtained from Loyola University Maryland and my law degree from the University of Maryland School of Law. I still maintain an office in Baltimore.

Serving on the Council requires the ability to analyze, discuss civilly, weigh the pros and cons of any issue, and reach a decision, which is best for the majority. Having served as president of a PTA, a homeowner’s association, and a bar association, has taught me those qualities. In addition, I have been elected to serve on a national association board of governors and to serve on a governor’s task force. These too have been important in understanding the mechanism of serving on bodies that establish a policymaking, which has an effect upon others. In addition, I have served for almost eight years on the Carroll Valley Planning Commission.

To answer the "why" question is to simply state I believe my background can help me understand and act on those matters that come before the Council and which affect each and every resident of Carroll Valley. My primary consideration is to retain the ambiance, quietness, rural atmosphere, and the wonderful quality of life living in Carroll Valley brings.

If you believe that I can best represent you on the Council, then please cast your vote accordingly and I thank you for it.

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