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Carroll Valley Council candidate Michael Wight

Originally from Michigan, my family and I moved to Maryland in the early 90’s to pursue a career with UPS. My career with UPS began as a developer, writing the software for several communication initiatives. A few years later, I moved into developing the UPS website and the applications, continued into management of development and support teams, and retired as a Senior Manager in 2016. Last year, my wife and I moved to Carroll Valley and we continue to appreciate what the area offers in terms of quiet living and amenities.

Since moving into the community, I have become involved with volunteer opportunities such as Ruth’s Harvest, and the Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church’s Family Fun Nights. I also volunteered to be a member of the Fort Ritchie Community Center Board of Directors. I have volunteered for many of the activities and programs there, including the Easter egg hunt, and I have used my knowledge in IT to help with computer and network issues. Additionally, I used my technical background during the final stages of the new Carroll Valley Borough building project. I had an opportunity to review the contract and contribute my knowledge of wireless systems and IT processes. During this time, I made suggestions that saved the Borough more than $10,000 dollars.

My time at UPS was filled with volunteer opportunities. Using my skills, knowledge, and wisdom was a way of life, and I am looking to continue that with the Carroll Valley Borough.

I like what I see here in Carroll Valley, and I would like to help keep it that way. There are areas for improvement and refinement. The parks and public areas get some use, but with a minimal facelift they could be more attractive - and some of that is going on now. Some have called Carroll Valley a "Bedroom Community" and I like that. With yards and neighbors and community events, there is a quality of life here that we found attractive and that I, for one, would want to help maintain.

I was ineligible to run in the primaries due to a residency requirement. That requirement was fulfilled in August, so now I am running as a write-in candidate.

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