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Carroll Valley Council candidate Richard Mathews

I am a Republican running for a 4-year seat on the Carroll Valley Borough Council and I ask for your vote.

My wife and I bought our Carroll Valley home in June of 2012. I am a self-employed consultant and Executive Director of a 501(c)(5) non-profit. I am actively involved as the Vice Chairman of the Adams County Republican Committee. My education includes Master of General Administration, Bachelor of Science, and Associate of Applied Science degrees and professional development certifications in Leadership, Management, and Administration.

I believe Carroll Valley citizens want council members who listen, and when appropriate, take action on their concerns. I will listen and show respect for your positions.

I believe Carroll Valley citizens expect their tax dollars to be spent wisely and they want to know the real cost of projects such as the new Borough building. I strongly believe in being fiscally responsible and will vigorously oppose any unnecessary tax. I will insist on full disclosure of the real costs to our citizens.

I believe Carroll Valley citizens expect their council members to take actions that ensure public safety and preserve the overall quality of life. Government must provide only necessary services while protecting our community’s quality of life and public safety. That will be my goal.

I believe Carroll Valley citizens expect their council members to put community over personal gain. I will serve for the community, not personal gain.

I have nearly 40 years of leadership experience and 32 years of Board experience. Nearly 34 of those years in various USDA positions and programs where I earned over 30 performance awards. I am experienced, managing programs; leading paid staff and volunteers; creating budgets and plans; providing oversight, advising and serving on Boards; meeting with and speaking before Congressional members and staff; writing and interpreting regulations and statutes; developing and implementing review and evaluation programs; conducting reviews and evaluations; coordinating and leading meetings; and performing training.

I have served in leadership of two homeowner associations where I held positions of President, Treasurer, and Director. I was president of a 100-unit homeowners association, which provided all outside building maintenance, play grounds, lawn care and landscaping, snow removal, street and sidewalk repairs, street lighting, insurance, and assessment collection.

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