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Carroll Valley Building Update

Danielle Ryan

(1/26) The much-anticipated Carroll Valley Borough building is coming close to its opening date, which is slated for March 1. The Borough Council discussed the last leg of expenditures during several meetings in January.

The first estimate given to the Borough for furniture, equipment and last minute fixtures, all of which were not included in the contract, was $212,000. The Borough only anticipated spending $150,000 for furniture, equipment and fixtures. Borough Manager Dave Hazlett spoke to the Council: "Iím shocked by the quotes that we received, these are not numbers that we anticipated, but part of what youíve been given is quotes for how we would like to see the new facility operate. I donít think their quotes are fair. The packet, with the itemized estimates, is under no means a recommendation from myself, but was presented to the Board so you know what weíre currently faced with."

However, according to the contract, Borough staff only has 45 days to clear the old building before the construction crew moves in to demolish it. Furniture is at the top of the list of priorities in order for the new building to be move-in ready and functional. So it was pertinent that Council come to some sort of decision before the end of the month in concerns to the new furniture.

The estimated cost for furniture was $90,000. This cost included new furniture with the idea that little to no furniture from the old building would be re-used in the new building. Dave Hazlett spoke to say "We never anticipated bringing the furniture to new building."

The Council held two additional special meetings in January to further discuss the furniture and equipment for the new building. By the January 24th meeting, the total expenditures for furniture was expected to be $54,650, a great downsize from the previous $90,000 estimate earlier in January. The Borough has already placed an order on some of the furniture including desks. The desks have actually been a cost savings because the original measurements were inaccurate, so when ordered the sizes were decreased which made the price lessen.

As far as equipment, Wi-Fi is still being researched and negotiated, and at the present time no cost is known, but the Council hopes to receive one during the February meeting. Chief Hileman, who has been in contact with potential vendors for Wi-Fi, noted his dissatisfaction with Morefieldís quote of $19,661 and believed it to be excessive. He is currently working with other vendors in hopes of finding a more appropriate cost for the service and equipment. Hileman wants to ensure that the Borough is receiving the best price for the equipment and services offered, and as Wi-Fi isnít a top priority for the opening of the building, he wants to make sure the time is spent researching options.

The Borough is pleased to say that the prices for furniture and equipment seem to be continuing to decrease as they work with different vendors. The cost of furniture has already dropped by about $35,000, and staff is hopeful that they can continue to keep the total of other purchases lower.

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