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Hamiltonban Township News-briefs

Danielle Ryan

(5/12) On-lot Sewage Disposal Facilities

At the May 3rd Board of Supervisors meeting, Ordinance 2016-02: Governing Municipal Management of On-lot Sewage Disposal Facilities was passed unanimously. This ordinance applies to all who own any property that is serviced by an on-lot sewage disposal system and to all of those who are installing or rehabilitating on-lot sewage disposal systems.

The purpose of Ordinance 2016-02 is to "provide for the regulation, inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation of on-lot sewage disposal systems; to further permit intervention in situations which may constitute a public nuisance or hazard to the public health; and to establish penalties and appeal procedures necessary for the proper administration of a sewage management program."

Adoption of this ordinance was mandated by the Department of Energy, and notices will be sent to all residents regarding this adoption on July 1st.

Summer Road Project bids accepted

The Board of Supervisors opened the bids that were received for the summer road projects and for aggregate and Superpave. One summer road project bid was received by Hammaker East for the four summer projects. The total, which included oil and chip treatment, bituminous seal, scratch and leveling course and wearing course as well as the equipment and labor involved, was $179,381. The Board accepted this bid while reserving the right to limit the scope of work.

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. was the single bid received for aggregate and Superpave. The total cost for the project was 1.2 million. This includes the cost of Superpave and all associated materials involved as well as delivery of said materials to the site. The Board accepted this bid unanimously.

Hamiltonban out of waste water business

Roadmaster John Harbaugh announced at the May 3rd Board of Supervisorís meeting that Hamiltonban Township is no longer in the wastewater business. Supervisor Coleen Reamer spoke about this decision. The plant in Hamiltonban Township was over 40 years old and the DEP regulations have increased over those 40 years. The plant was not designed to handle the treatment to todayís standards and was placed under COA (Consent Order of Agreement) to bring the treatment method of wastewater up to date. This COA meant that substantial changes would have to be made to the existing plant or an entirely new plant would have to be constructed. Neither option was cost effective, especially given the small number of residents/businesses connected to that line. Billing rates would most likely have doubled, so the Township decided to seek a private provider that would purchase the system and incorporate the residents affected into their customer base.

Pennsylvania American Water Corporation was interested in purchasing both the Hamiltonban (Orrtanna) Treatment Plant and the Franklin Township Treatment Plant with the plan to build a line to Franklin from Orrtanna to service Hamiltonban customersí needs. Hamiltonban residents have experienced no problems with the transition and their rates have remained the same. The Board of Supervisors believes this has worked out well for all concerned.

In further news, Chairman Gordon mentioned that the Old Getty Station located next to the Mini Market on Fairfield Road is in the early stages of being converted to a car wash. No further information is known at this time.

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