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From the Desk of Carroll Valley Mayor Ron

(1/2016) At the December 2015 Borough Council meeting, the Council passed the Tax Levy Ordinance which fixed the Tax Rate at 2.45 mills or 24.5 cents on each one hundred dollars of assessed valuation for 2016. There is no tax increase for the residents of Carroll Valley Borough. Also, without increase, council passed the fixed tax in the amount of .25 mills appropriated for the operation of fire and emergency service for the year 2016.

I had the pleasure to present a Certificated of Appreciation for Service to Councilor Neal Abrams and Councilor Tammy Lytle who are leaving the council. Councilor Neal Abrams, who has served the Fairfield Area as an Ambulance Captain, a member of the Board of Directors Fairfield EMS and as an EMT for more than 20 years, was on council from 2007 to 2015 and on the Planning Commission from 2002 to 2014. Councilor Tammy Lytle was on Council from 2006 to 2015; Board of Health from 2001 to 2011 and Parks & Recreation Committee from 2001 to 2014. On behalf of the citizens of the Borough of Carroll Valley, thank you both for your outstanding service to our community.

In December, two Boy Scouts were awarded the rank of Eagle Scout, namely: Christopher Calvin Bream and Ian Clements. Eagle Scout Bream built an outdoor recycling center for the Adams County SPCA in Gettysburg. The SPCA needed a recycling center that would protect their recyclables from the weather and also provide space for plastic, aluminum, and cardboard recyclables. Chris built the project with the help of Boy Scouts from Fairfield Boy Scout Troop 76 and adults such as his former scoutmaster, Jay Stroup. Materials were generously donated by the Hanover, Home Depot. He now attends Drexel University where he is majoring in finance.

Eagle Scout Clements chose for his project the renovation of the historic Emmitsburg Presbyterian Cemetery on Welty Road. Ian had to organize the workers and the jobs that needed to be accomplished and project status reports to his Scout leaders, Council and the Church. He accumulated over 350 hours of volunteer work during the project and had 50 people volunteer for him. He began by cleaning and straightening over 80 Gravestones. Then it was on to sanding and painting many feet of historic iron railings as well as the iron entrance gates, two bar gates and a flagpole. He is a senior at Fairfield High School and is planning to apply to the Air Force.

January and you all know what I am about to share – my resolutions. Well, not all of them. Some are personal. However, here are a few. I am going to try to do my best in helping others. To let those around me know how important they are in the lives of others. And, to be sure to thank those who assist others. Remember "Give out what you most want to come back." Oh, I am also promising my wife that the next time I bring my "stuff" down to the Carroll Valley Yard Sale, I will "sell" the items rather than just "show" the items.

With January comes snow which means you need to make sure that you winterized your car. If you haven’t, you need to get it done. Check the car’s tires and tire pressure, the heat/defroster and wipers. Please slow down. If you drive too fast, those antilock brakes will not help you to come to a smooth stop. When driving behind another car, remember to leave more space between your car and the car in front of you. Some experts tell us that this distance is four car lengths for every 10 mph you are traveling. Remember you have less control over your car during bad road conditions.

The Snowflakes & Snowmen Dinner Dance sponsored by the Carroll Valley Citizens Association (CVCA) was an overwhelming success with over 100 in attendance dining in the new Liberty Mountain Resort Highland Lodge Banquet Room. As guests arrived, they were treated with a souvenir flute of champagne served by Liberty Staff members.

To celebrate CVCA’s honor to be one of the first to dine in the new banquet room, I presented to Eric Flynn, general manager, a frame picture of the CVCA Holiday Gala Party held in the old facility dated December 20, 2013. We were the last to dine in the old resort facility. During the evening, Chuck Whitlow, CVCA President, explained that CVCA is in the process of revitalizing itself and appealed to them to share their ideas how the organization can better the community. He asked them to become/renew their CVCA membership.

Special thanks to Mary Walter, Marie Schwartz, and all those who helped sell tickets and donated to the Silent Auction. The "Breakfast with Santa" was also an overwhelming success. Over 200 children were delighted and dazzled when Santa arrived. Approximately 350 breakfasts were served. The money collected benefited the Toy for Tots fund drive and local families with special needs. This event was a cooperative effort between the Carroll Valley Borough’s Recreation Committee, Fairfield Fire and EMS and local citizens. Special thanks go to Annie Springer, Gayle Marthers, and especially, Santa Koz. Pictures of both events can be seen at

Borough meetings in January are: Reorganization Borough Council Meeting (Jan 4th), Borough Council (Jan 12th), and Parks/Recreation Committee (Jan 27th). Please reduce your speed to make sure you, your loved ones, your friends and neighbors will be safe. Don’t Drink and Drive. If you have any questions call me at 301-606-2021 or email at

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