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Organization begins for Pippinfest

Danielle Ryan

(6/15) The Committee for the Pippinfest in Fairfield is in the midst of organizational meetings for the 2017 festival. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Fairfield Borough Hall at 7 pm. Those interested in becoming volunteers for the organization, planning and event itself are welcome to join the Committee members at the monthly meetings. Meetings will be held more frequently as the festival dates approach.

The Pippinfest has been a Town tradition since 1980 when David Thomas, a past owner and proprietor of the Fairfield Inn, had an idea born of his dedication to the community of Fairfield and its heritage. As a way to bring townspeople of Fairfield together, he decided to invite local clubs and school groups to participate in a community-wide celebration of the apple harvest. As a small town with a strong sense of community, the citizens of Fairfield were eager to support the idea. An all-day street festival was planned.

In 2010, there were rumors that the Pippinfest may not be returning in 2011, but Linda Sites and family members elected to take on the Committee so the festival could continue. Since that transition, the Committee has grown and now contains eleven Committee members, including Sally Thomas, the Committee Chair.

Since the Pippinfest is classified as a Borough of Fairfield event, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Borough Council. If additional funds are made any given year, the funds go into a reserve and can be used by the Borough for community enhancement. Recently, funds from this reserve were used to purchase display cases for the Historical Society, new conference tables for the Borough office and a donation was made to the Fairfield/Hamiltonban Joint Parks and Recreation Committee for use of the new park that is in the works.

Community and local business’ support contributes significantly to the success of the festival every year. At the present time, the vendors and entertainment are being discussed and organized, and will be finalized closer to August. As usual, Pippinfest will be a two day event held on Main Street in Fairfield. Day 1 is primarily a yard sale day but craft and food vendors will also be present. The second day of the festival features many craft vendors, craft demonstrations, food vendors, children’s activities and musical entertainment. Additional details on specific vendors and entertainment will be announced closer to the festival.

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