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Danielle Ryan

(8/26) New members appointed to two positions

Hamiltonban Township appointed two new members to two separate positions within the Township during the August 2 Board of Supervisors meeting. Tamara Trocha was appointed as the Elected Auditor, and Joshua Donaldson was appointed to the Agricultural Security Council. Trocha will be serving as one of three Elected Auditors in Hamiltonban Township. Auditors meet once a year at an annual meeting. Trocha’s term will expire in 2021. Donaldson was appointed as a member of the Ag Security Committee, which recommends to the Board of Supervisors in Hamiltonban Township the acceptance or denial of an application for a parcel of land to be placed into the Agricultural Security Area. Members of this committee serve an auto-renewable seven-year term. Donaldson’s term as a member of the Agricultural Security Council will end in December 2017.

Donations approved

Several donations were approved by the Hamiltonban Board of Supervisors during the August meeting. A $500 donation to the Adams County Office for the Aging; a $300 donation to the Adams County Transit Authority: a $100 donation to the Adams County Rescue Mission; and a $100 donation to Adams County Community Media were all approved. These donations are given every year, and were budgeted in this year’s budget.

Opposition to House Bill 782

Hamiltonban Supervisors constructed and approved a letter of opposition to the House Bill 782. House Bill 782 proposes to provide more than one Inspection Company to be utilized by the Townships. As it currently stands, Hamiltonban only uses one inspection company for all building inspections in the Township. This particular company is well trusted and valued by the Township. The Supervisors fear that by requiring an additional selection of inspection companies, there is the possibility of inconsistency with inspections. The Township has had difficulties in the past with inspectors who have done a poor job, and are thereby having been very particular in their selection. The Supervisors believe that they should have the right to choose the inspection company that will be responsible for inspecting all township buildings. Supervisor Coleen Reamer drafted the letter and brought it to the Board for approval. The letter was approved and sent to State Representative Dan Moul.

Carroll Valley Borough Building Updates

The new Borough Building is coming along nicely, as the project is officially out of the ground and the stud walls are in place and the geothermal walls are completed. The project is running approximately one week ahead of schedule according to the project Architect Benedict Dubbs. The Council was able to see some of the stone, floor, carpet and window trim samples. The Council was even able to make some color choice decisions for the trim around the window. Between gray and Burgundy, the Council and some members of the public present decided on the burgundy color option.

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