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Liberty Township house numbering ordinance

(4/19) One of the duties of a township supervisor is to provide the means to secure health, safety and well-being for the township citizens. These duties include Police and Fire Department protection, utility planning, building code enforcement, highway construction/maintenance/snow removal, and trash collection contracts. The enforcement of these duties places a certain amount of responsibility with each citizen as well. When providing Police or Fire Department protection few things are more beneficial than clearly identifying each house or business with its address number.

In November 1991 the Liberty Township board of Supervisors passed Ordinance number 1-91 which basically required all residents to number their house or place of business. The Ordinance required the house or business number to be placed in a "conspicuous place," preferably above or on either side of the main entrance or on a sign post mounted in front of the structure or on both sides of the mailbox sign. The numbers are to be three inches in height, although four inch numbers are even better. Numbers should contrast with surrounding color, be painted, or made of metal or other durable material, and be placed in full view from the opposite side of the street. When there are multiple mailboxes, both mail box and building should be numbered accordingly.

Much has changed since 1991. In years past most homes were built along or very near to the main roads. Today there are more homes in our township and many are located on panhandle lots, cul-de-sacs and private lanes, and may not be visible from the main roads. While Ordinance 1-91 describes a system of identification for the majority of addresses in our township, it requires some personal ingenuity on the part of some residents to cover the special circumstances. If you live on the type of lot described in this paragraph you may need to look at your individual home identification from the perspective of a emergency responder not familiar with the area and attempting a first response during periods of bad weather and poor visibility. I recommend the use of commercially available signs which combine reflective finish and durable, weather resistant materials, even though Ordinance 1-91 does not specify that type.

The type of sign I am referring to is available at many stores. If you would prefer supporting your local Fire Department and getting help deciding where to locate your reflective sign at the same time, contact the Fairfield or Fountaindale Fire Departments. They are advertising the signs for $15.00 each with installation available!

Remember, house numbers shorten response time when lives are at stake!

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