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Hamiltonban Township News-Briefs

Danielle Ryan

(4/29) Summer Road Projects

Several summer road projects were discussed during the meeting, and the approval was sought to send the projects out to bid. Three "groups" of road projects were mentioned. Group one includes the seal coating of sections of Cold Springs Road and Baker Road. Group two includes seal coating sections of Old Waynesboro Road. Group three includes update and maintenance to Rye and Lightening Trails and (shortcut Route 16) Old Waynesboro Road to CP-2 roads. This category also includes pugmill paving on Cold Springs Road from Dug Lane to Moritz Road. These road projects are subject to change based upon funding and weather as the year proceeds. The Board voted to send this list of road projects out to bid. The Board voted to bid for 31,000 square yards of single application oil and chips surface treatment, 7,650 square yards double application oil and chips surface treatment, 6,400 square yards of seal coating and 1,620 tons coarse.

Hickory Bridge repair

Both Franklin Township and Hamiltonban Township’s engineers are reviewing the design build proposal from Lobar Associates for the Hickory Bridge Road rehabilitation project planned for this summer. The proposal includes the design and construction of PennDOT approved bride and approach guiderail. The repair of Hickory Bridge is estimated to take three months to complete, that of which includes the design, planning and construction. The construction itself is only estimated to take about a month. The Board will review the engineer’s proposal during their May meeting, and then the planning portion of the project may begin.

Small engine repair business

Mr. Jonathan Hahn was present at the meeting and requested the approval of a customary home occupancy permit for his small engine repair business. This home business, located on Iron Springs Road, Fairfield, would entail the repair of small engines contained in equipment such as lawn mowers, ATV’s, chain saws etc.. There were no parking requirements on the permit, and it had already been approved by the Township Zoning Officer prior to the meeting. The Board approved the permit unanimously.

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