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Hamiltonban Township News-Briefs

Danielle Ryan

(3/4) At the March 1 Hamiltonban Township Board of Supervisors meeting, a motion was made to pursue a Road Safety Audit for Route 116 from Bullfrog Road to Route 16. There have been numerous discussions within the local governing bodies of Hamiltonban Township, the Boroughs of Carroll Valley and Fairfield, and the Fairfield Area School District for the need to increase safety and alleviate traffic on Route 116. As a result of these discussions Andrew Merkel and Chris Caba of the Adams County Office of Planning and Development were invited to the Board of Supervisors Workshop on January 28 to discuss Road Safety Audits and available funding options.

A Road Safety Audit begins with auditors looking at data that include traffic volumes and crash data. The main area of concern is on Route 116 from Bullfrog Road to Route 16. There is a need for sidewalks by the post office, school and Towne Center as well as turning lanes by the school and Liberty Mountain Resort. There is also an overall need to increase the safety at various intersections along this route.

The Board voted unanimously in favor of a Road Safety Audit being conducted by PennDOT. The Fairfield Area School District Board also voted during their March 14 meeting in favor of the Road Safety Audit.

A representative from Shiloh Paving and Excavating Inc. had intended to be present at the March Board of Supervisors meeting but was unable to make it for reasons unknown. The Reeds Bridge Project was up for discussion, but was unable to be further discussed due to the representative’s absence. Further news about the Reeds Bridge Project will be discussed during the April meeting.

In other news, LED lights were installed in the Hamiltonban Township Municipal building Monday March 7. These cost saving lights have been discussed and were voted upon at last February’s meeting. The street lights in Hamiltonban Township will also be replaced with LED lights hopefully in full by the end of the summer.

Former Hamiltonban Township Auditor Gene Starbuck officially resigned from his position as Township Auditor in order to fill a vacancy on the Planning and Zoning Commission. This currently leaves two elected auditor vacancies within the township. Starbuck has been interested in joining the Planning Commission, but was concerned about the other vacancy, which would leave one auditor. Board of Supervisors Chairman, Robert Gordon assured Starbuck that the vacancies would be filled and his time was needed serving the Planning and Zoning Commission.

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