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From the Desk of State Representative Candidate Denise Weldon-Siviy

(11/1) While viewership of the Presidential debates has been high, the debate between myself and Incumbent Dan Moul for the 91st District House seat was far more informative. No drama, no accusations or posturing. Just clear answers from both candidates to the same questions about the major issues facing the Pennsylvania legislature.

The difference between our candidacies is crystal clear. Dan focused on apportioning blame for Pennsylvaniaís problems. At various points, he blamed our current governor, previous governors, other legislators, and the teacherís union. He resorted to partisanship frequently, noting "I wonít tell you which party heís in, butÖ" when assigning blame. At no point did he accept any personal responsibility for his lack of success.

While Dan focused on assigning blame, I focused on the need to work together to solve those problems.

I think the most telling part of the debate is when Dan explained why he believes he hasnít been able to deliver on his promise to lower property taxes or resolve major budget deficits in education, specifically pensions.

In his exact words, "When you say that you have been there 10 years and havenít fixed it, for anyone who understands how it works up there, first of all 10 years is not a ton of time, even though it sounds like a ton of time, I havenít reached enough seniority yet to even become a chairman of a committee let alone the guy that makes the decisions as to what bills come to the House floor. OK?"

Danís argument at this point is that we should keep him in Harrisburg, even though he hasnít delivered on his promises, because only "senior" career politicians can make a difference. This is a far cry from his campaign rally in 2006 to "end" professional politicians.

Dan advocated for "Term Limits" when he ran in 2006. He wanted to end "professional politicians". He was right then. In the 10 years since, weíve paid him over $850,000 and heís changed his mind about term limits. Obviously, that benefits him. But does it benefit you?

As for Danís claim that only "senior" (i.e. "professional"?) politicians can make a difference, I completely disagree. Leadership isnít something thatís handed out in exchange for seat time. It does not require decades. It requires initiative and determination. If you want to be a leader, you need to just be a leader. Make the establishment listen and take notice.

The professional politicians in Harrisburg have not served us well. We need people who are willing and able to change the status quo.

The other thing that will stand out from the debate is how often we agree on issues of taxes and balancing the budget. The real difference is that you already know that Dan canít deliver.

But please, donít take my word for it. Listen to Danís answers to questions about important state issues and compare them to mine. Make an informed decision. The debate is available at Please watch it!

After you compare our positions side by side, please vote for the person best qualified to represent your needs in Harrisburg. Vote for me Ė Denise Weldon-Siviy.

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