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Community Park phase 1 approved

Danielle Ryan

(11/8) Phase 1 of the Community Park project is slated to begin as early as March 2017. The Hamiltonban Township and Fairfield Borough Joint Parks and Recreation Commission updated the Hamiltonban Board on the Community Park project during the November 1 meeting.

The Commission has received two grants to date for this project. A Community Conservation Partnerships Program (C2P2) grant was awarded from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources in the amount of $53,000 for the Community Park in March. This grant was submitted in 2015 and will be used for the first phase of a three-acre handicap accessible/multigenerational neighborhood park located at 4020 Bullfrog Road in Hamiltonban Township.

Phase one of the park consists of the installation of a pavilion with picnic tables and grills, while maintaining wheelchair accessibility. There will be a train theme playground for children, benches, a 400 foot gravel walkway connecting the parking lot to the playground and pavilion area, a bridge, a flag dedication area, an all-purpose sports field and chain-link fencing will be installed to surround the maintenance area. The cost of the entirety of phase one, which includes excavation, purchase and installation, will be covered by the C2P2 grant and the matching funds already committed by the community and local businesses. The Commission has received over $50,000 already from the community and businesses including ACNB Bank, Knouse Foods and Adams Electric.

An additional grant, in the amount of $15,000, was received from Wellspan Health. The funds received from this grant will help the Commission meet the multigenerational objectives and wellness goals for the entire community. As part of phase two, some special features being included within the park are senior exercise stations, play stations for physically challenged children and cultural and heritage interpretative panels. There are still two grants outstanding, but if they are received, the Commission will use the funds to begin phase two simultaneously with phase one.

The community park was originally introduced in 2007 and phase one of the three-phase project may finally begin now that funding has been received. Parks and Recreation Commission members are extremely excited to receive the grant and move forward with the park as planning for this project has involved years of work from dedicated volunteers in the community. Commission members are pleased to bring grant/tax money back to the citizens of Hamiltonban Township and Fairfield Borough to promote healthy exercise and recreation.

The Commission received permission from the Board to purchase the playground equipment before the end of the year, as there was a significant savings involved. The equipment and other purchased materials will be stored in the maintenance building until the project may begin.

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