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Fire and EMS Open House a big success

Susan Prasse

(5/20) The Fairfield Fire and EMS held their annual open house on May 17 to give local residents the opportunity to meet local emergency responders and see all the equipment they use in the course of performing their duties.

The annual open house was held at the Fairfield fire house and catered to the curiosity of both young and old. Kids not only had a chance to view and ride in emergency vehicles, but also were able to try out the Adams County Volunteer Emergency Services Association's fire trailer. Fountaindale firefighters taught them how to escape after filling it with fake smoke.

Many residents and families turned out from several different communities to attend the event on what was an unconditionally warm spring day. Stormy weather conditions have been blamed for the diminished attendance experienced over the last few years, but this one turned out to be sunny and pleasant for all to enjoy. Fairfield displayed its entire fleet of firefighting, medical transport, and fire police vehicles, including their new water rescue boat which was put into service about six months ago. Their water rescue team was also on hand to answer questions. They were joined by the Fountaindale Volunteer Fire Department, the Carroll Valley Borough and Liberty Township police officers.

Fairfield Fire and EMS President Chuck Hayes said "we really enjoy this event because it brings so many people from the community out, they are able to get involved, they learn and see first-hand what this volunteer organization does for them. Itís a huge source of pride for all of us."

Fairfield emergency staff provided fire truck rides to everyone who wanted to climb aboard - and even allowed children to try and put out a mock burning house using fire department hoses. Also attending was the crew of a Life Net medical evacuation helicopter and one of their "birds". The demonstration permitted people to become familiar with their equipment and operations. Fire personnel, accompanied by the Life Net helicopter also put on a rescue demonstration involving the extraction and rescue of a crash "victim."

Fairfield Fire & EMS volunteers provide coverage to the boroughs of Fairfield and Carroll Valley, Hamiltonban, Liberty and Highland townships. "We take pride in all of the work that our volunteers put into the community, the fact that so many people come out every year in support makes all of us very appreciative. We want to work that much harder for those that need us the most," Haynes said. The event coincided with the start of National EMS Week. For more information on how to become a volunteer, contact the Fairfield Fire & EMS, 106 Steelman St., Fairfield, 717-642-8842.

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