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Carroll Valley Citizens Association dissolves

Susan Prasse

(4/1) At the latest borough council meeting, it was announced that the Carroll Valley Citizens Association (CVCA), would dissolve this year due to a severe lack of volunteers. "(CVCA) led the drive to incorporate the borough of Carroll Valley in 1973. It is a shame that this is happening," said Mayor Ron Harris. The association was created to help protect the interests of the residents of Carroll Valley.

Manager Dave Hazlett moved to Carroll Valley from the Pittsburgh area. "This was one of the main reasons we came. To see it go is a rotten shame. I am really upset, because I hate to see this association go away in such a fashion. There has be a better way to keep it here," Hazlett said.

Not only is a lack of volunteers evident within the (CVCA), but throughout the parks and recreation committee. With the folding of the CVCA, Harris and council members are concerned. The parks and recreation committee has eight seats Ė with only three of them filled. "This is a real worry for us, in this township. We will need to do something and we will need to do it soon," Hazlett said.

Many believe that the generation gap between older people and youth have significantly impacted volunteering. Younger people donít seem interested in volunteering for committees and this is left to the older population. To this end, the parks and recreation committee probably will be reorganized and "possibly restructured," Hazlett said.

In other news, Jo Ann Myers was recently awarded a plaque for her 20 plus years of service with the Carroll Valley borough. She calls the people there "a family." Since 1995, Myers has worked in several positions at the borough but has worked specifically for Police Chief Richard Hileman for about 10 years now. "(Jo Ann) is a fantastic individual as an employee and as a person. I guess what you are looking for as a boss is someone who is easy to communicate with. Someone who is going to take the work you give them and make it easy. That is what Jo Ann does. She understands things. She is a huge part of the team here and I would be lost without her," Hileman said.

Just returning from back surgery, Manager Dave Hazlett, echoed Hileman's words. "She is a fantastic individual as an employee and a person. That is what you are looking for, each and every time you come to work. You are always looking for someone who is easy to get along with. "It's a bonus when they know the borough and have the skills to do the job," Hazlett said. After twenty years, Myers isnít quite sure how long she will continue on with the Carroll Valley borough, but says humorously, "probably until I can't remember how to get here," she said.

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