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Carroll Valley approves new Borough center

Susan Prasse

(3/8) Carroll Valley Borough Council is moving closer toward the construction of its new community center and administrative building.

It was announced last week that the borough has applied for a $2 million state grant to assist in the construction of the building. Further news on when they will hear about the grant is not known at this point.

Amy Kaufman, director of economic development for GMS Funding Solutions, which is working with the borough on the funding for the project, said last week she will let the borough know when she hears about the grant.

"This is a major project, and we want to do this right, obviously," Kaufman said.

The new building, approved unanimously by borough council last month, will be 11,000 square feet in size, officials said. It will include borough offices, a police department and a community library.

The building is to be located on Fairfield Road, where the current building is located. The borough is hoping to have the building ready to be constructed by this spring.

Estimated measurements for the design are the borough offices at 2,878 square feet; the community center at 3,789 square feet; 3,347 for the police department; and 2,072 square feet for the Adams County Library System. The sizes are still subject to change.

The new municipal building was discussed at a public input meeting in January, where a number of residents spoke about the project. At that meeting, council member Ken Lundberg said the entire planning for the new structure would not require tax increases. He reiterated those feelings last week, shortly after being named president of the board by his fellow council members.

"I think the money is there. I believe the costs for this are already taken care of," Lundberg said.

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