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Club house demolition to begin at Liberty

(3/13) The $20 million upgrade of Liberty Mountain Resort & Conference Center is set to commence, beginning with grading and the demolition of the existing club house.

Eric Flynn, general manager of Liberty Mountain Resort, briefed the Carroll Valley Borough Council at their March 11 meeting on the timeframes regarding the impending changes.

The council had previously granted conditional approval to "phase one" the proposed changes at their September 10 meeting. The conditions placed upon the approval by the council dealt primarily with stormwater-related issues.

"The project is scheduled to start pretty quick," Flynn told the council at their March meeting, the first phase of which will start-up in March and continuing through September.

The first phase will consist of demolishing the club house, grading relocating utilities and road work. Flynn previously told the News-Journal that the estimated cost of just phase one would be around $20 million. Fayetteville (Pennsylvania) Contractors, Inc. will serve as the project contractor for most of the initial work.

Part two of the first phase will entail final landscaping, construction of a new "grand lodge," replacing the old club house, which will include a conference center, ballroom, two restaurants, an indoor pool, and the addition of 30 additional hotel rooms, and completing the roads impacted by the upgrade.

That work is projected to commence in June and be completed in May 2015.

Sandors Road will be realigned in conjunction with the resort improvements during phase one, Flynn noted, but that, "We will work hard not to have any inconveniences to the residents. There is a traffic planned being prepared," adding that the realignment will not entail any "anticipated" closings.

The complete upgrade and improvements proposed overall for Liberty Mountain Resort as set-forth in the companyís a master plan could take from "five to six to ten years" to complete," Flynn previously said.

Some of the objectives of the plan, he said, were to produce a uniform look between the ski side and the golf side of the resort "to allow the golf to fit in with the rest of the resort," improve pedestrian and traffic flow, and dealing with "an awful lot of maintenance (with the golf side) we knew (existed) going into this."

We think itís (the overall outcomes) going to be very attractive," he previously said.

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