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Carroll Valley Police Officers receive unit citation

Susan Prasse

(11/15) At the regular meeting of the Carroll Valley Borough Council on November 11, Mayor Ron Harris presented Detective Clifford Weikert and Chief Richard Hileman with unit citation awards in recognition of outstanding police work, performance, and cooperative effort exhibited by the Police Department as a whole, in the pursuit and apprehension of these felons, who preyed upon residents in Carroll Valley and others throughout Adams County.

The citation, presented on behalf of the council to Weikert and Heleman read: "The distinctive accomplishment of these officers reflect great credit upon themselves, the Carroll Valley Police Department, and the Borough of Carroll Valley."

From April to November 2013, a rash of burglaries that resulted in a significant loss to those affected plagued Carroll Valley and surrounding areas. The Carroll Valley Police Department was significantly involved in the investigation of these felonies and after months of investigation, officers were able to identify and charge four individuals responsible for these crimes. Those charged included Robert Voitek, Japheth Miles, Arik White, and Zachary Hunt, all from the Gettysburg Borough.

Working with State Police, Liberty Township, Carroll County MD Sheriff’s Office and the Adams County District Attorney’s Office, the investigation solved seven burglaries in Carroll Valley, Liberty Township, and twelve others throughout Adams County. Carroll Valley Police made the arrests in those cases as well and provided evidence for two additional individuals’ arrest pertaining to the stolen property.

Mayor Harris said, "I am very proud of the extensive, excellent investigative work performed by these two officers that resulted in the arrest and conviction of four individuals. It should be noted that this investigation was carried over a number of months while they were still performing their normal daily police work in protecting the citizens of Carroll Valley and Fairfield. It is a job well done.

The investigation resulted in the conviction of all four individuals, who as well as receiving prison sentence, were required to pay $130,000 in restitution to the victims. This ended the largest burglary ring operating in Adams County for the last decade.

Detective Weikert graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Municipal Police Academy and began working for the Carroll Valley Police Department in 2001. Chief Hileman was named Chief of Police in 1997 after coming to Carroll Valley Police Department in 1992. Hileman was Valedictorian of his class at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Municipal Police Academy. Both officers have earned the respect of their peers and community by dedicating themselves to the safety and well being of those in and around their community.

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