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Lavender Festival hold final event

(6/24) An iconic, annual Adams County event will be no more, the result of the Pennsylvania Lavender Festival holding its final event.

The annual event, established by Tom and Madeline Wajda in 1998, has been continuously held at the coupleís Willow Pond Farm, just outside of Fairfield Borough on Tract Road.

The conclusion of this yearís two-day event, held June 21 and 22, marked the final festival to be held at the farm. Several hundred attended over the course of the two days.

However, Juneís Lavender Festival, Tom Wajda stated, represented "the last major function at the farm."

The farm is now up for sale, with prospective buyers even approaching the couple during the Lavender Festival event.

Wajda told the News-Journal that, to date, he has already had several inquiries into purchasing the Willow Pond Farm.

Regarding the decision to bring the festival to a conclusion and sell the farm, Wajda stated, "Itís (managing both) a bit much."

"Now, we are starting our next journey," he said. "We will be selling the farm and moving closer to our children, grandchildren, and (his) health care providers."

The Wajdas bought the farm nearly 20 years ago when the couple "had a vision of building an organic herb farm, cultivating fields of lavender, and sharing our love of all things herbal with you, our customers and our friends."

Wajda said, "Since then, our dreams have been realized tenfold and more. It has been a great journey, and we have been thrilled to share it with so many."

He told the News-Journal that the couple will be looking to settle down perhaps in Frederick County or Upper Montgomery County.

Our patch of earth to till is going to be smaller, but you can bet we will still be digging-in, putting down roots, and sowing seeds," he stated.

Business conducted at the farm beyond the Lavender Festival will conclude the first of this month (July 1). Regarding the sale of the farm, Wajda said the couple is "hopeful to find someone who will love

it as we have."

To those who have attended the events at the farm, and other customers, Wajda said, "Thank you for all of your support and friendship over the years. Please know that we treasure you all, and we would love to keep in touch with you in the years to come."

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