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'Iron Springs Plaza’ road money sought

(6/9) The Hamiltonban Township Board of Supervisors voted to approve seeking funding to help with road realignment in conjunction with a proposed shopping center at their June 3 meeting.

Realtor and developer David Sites, David L. Sites Realty Leasing & Management, Gettysburg, is proposing to construct the Iron Springs Plaza shopping center on a 17-acre tract located at the intersection of Iron Springs and Fairfield (Route 116) roads.

The location will necessitate "traffic realignment improvements" at the Route 116 and Iron Springs Road intersection.

According to township officials, the project will cost around $2.5 million, of which 70 percent of the price tag is being sought via a state Department of Transportation Multimodal Transportation Discretionary Grant and a state Department of Economic Development Multimodal Transportation Fund Grant.

According to the board, the developer has agreed to pay the different in the amount received through the grants and the amount needed, or approximately $900,000.

The board of supervisors noted there would be no costs incurred by the town taxpayers implementing the roadway realignment work, and the township would incur no liability associated with the changes to the intersection.

The board of supervisors unanimously approved the project’s subdivision and land development plan in 2011 and planting waiver, as well as a waiver regarding the size of a ditch-like storm water basin.

Conditions placed on the development approval included township attorney sign-offs on any easement and right-of-way agreements (with property owners), receipt of county and local permits or approvals, and the completion of an accepted traffic study.

In September, the board of conditionally approved proposed project-related agreement documents. The approvals were granted conditioned on the developer fulfilling a number of "engineering issues" submitted by township consultants.

The shopping center project consists of subdividing the land into five lots, one of which will contain a 35,000 square foot grocery store, as the plaza anchor business, and a 7,200 square foot retail business.

Sites said Kennie's Markets may be the operators of the new grocery store when the building is complete and available.

Food Lion had been considered as the anchor store in an earlier effort to create an Iron Springs shopping center, but the deal ultimately went awry and the overall plans for that project were withdrawn in April 2009.

One of the five lots will be used strictly for storm water management and will not be developed. The remaining three, circa two acre, lots will be available, but do not presently have prospective clients committed to acquiring any of them as yet.

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