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Fairfield area news briefs…

(8/15) Abrams resigns from planning

The Carroll Valley Borough Planning Commission lost one of its veteran members following his resignation was tendered August 4, and accepted by council on August 12.

The now-resigned Neil Abrams, who will remain a member of the borough Council, became a member of the planning commission in 2002, and held that seat until his resignation this month.

Abrams said is resignation was not the result of anger or any of the sometimes controversial issues the planning commission had faced, but rather was to "have new people in that position."

"In the spirit of encouraging others in our community to formally participate in the decision made by the planning commission," Abrams stated, "I think it’s time for me to step aside to allow a new voice to be heard."

Borough Mayor Ron Harris presented a certificate of appreciation to Abrams at the August 12 meeting after his resignation from the commission was officially accepted.

Contractor to appraise borough land

The Carroll Valley Borough Council approved a contract August 12 meeting to determine the worth of land owned by the municipality.

The land to be accessed consists of that which presently serves as home to the borough office and the attached commons (park).

The contract to perform the appraisal was approved with Apex Valuation Services in the amount of $3,200.

The appraisal is part of the process that needs to be undertaken to apply for grants and loans that may be needed to support the construction of a new multi-use town office, which could cost around $2 million.

The borough office, located at 5685 Fairfield Road, serves as home to the borough administrators and police department, and also houses the public meeting room.

A new office complex could also house a library and emergency management headquarters if approved, according to Mayor Ron Harris.

$20 million resort upgrade continues

Liberty Mountain Resort & Conference Center’s efforts to overhaul and improve portions of its existing resorts is now working on aspects involving a "snow pond" and the realignment of a road.

Carroll Valley Borough Mayor Ron Harris noted at the August 12 council meeting that, in addition to the pond work, the resort contractors have begun the realignment of Sander’s Road.

According to the report, "traffic will be diverted from the existing Sanders Road on to a temporary roadway adjacent to where the new road is to be constructed. Once the new road is cut and on-grade, traffic may be re-diverted on to the new (temporarily graveled) roadway."

Eric Flynn, president and general manager of Liberty Mountain, told the council previously that the overhaul and upgrades are intended to "improve upon the reports year-round offerings, rather than focusing solely on winter activities" and to "produce a uniform look between the ski side and the golf side of the resort."

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