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November 2003 Newsletter of the
Save Our Liberty Committee

Working together for responsible development

How to Support the Community You Love? Pledge Continued Financial Support

Our efforts cannot continue without further donations (see Treasurer's Report). We need the support of everyone in the Fairfield Area School District and bordering communities who cares about the future of this region.

The money you donate or pledge to Save Our Liberty's efforts today is a small fraction of the tax money it may cost you to live here if a development of 1,000+ houses becomes a reality. What are your property taxes today? Taxes for Fairfield Area Schools taxpayers are projected to increase 37%; what yearly increase in taxes will this mean to you?? Can you pledge 10 or 20% of that amount to SOL's legal fund? Can you make a monthly pledge?

The good news: While the process of protecting our quality of life seems slow and frustrating, we've made great strides together (see article below). Thank you to all who have made these efforts possible!

More good news: The resources spent so far will bring returns far down the line. For instance, information our legal counsel and expert witnesses bring forth in hearings on the Community of Liberty can be used at later hearings. (Yes, one day there will be more hearings-don't be caught off guard! Wormald has already submitted two additional proposals.)

Look What We've Accomplished Together

In only three months Save Our Liberty has built up support from more than 250 families and received total donations of $33,386 from more than 150 donors. This achievement in a rural community is outstanding. We do care about each other, and our community, and are prepared to work hard to protect the special quality of life we enjoy.

From these generous contributions, we have paid the fees of our legal counsel and retainers for a hydrogeologist and traffic engineer. These experts have researched and prepared testimony for presentation at the public hearings. Our attorney, Susan Smith, is prepared to cross examine witnesses for the developers and has already pointed out reasons the hearings should cease due to property not being fully owned by the developers. Without Save Our Liberty-without you-the Wormald Companies' plans would continue with only their profit in mind. We have not yet had our chance to present testimony or cross examine more than one witness but WE ARE PREPARED TO DO SO!

Please donate funds so our experts can continue. We need to raise at least $60,000 more to oppose the even denser alternate plans submitted by the Wormald Companies. Yes, a great deal of money-but far less than $40 million in school taxes to build a new school!

Thanks to the efforts of Save Our Liberty supporters, our situation has received extensive press coverage and has led to greater citizen involvement in other issues. For instance, in response to citizen concerns, the Liberty Township Planning Commission recently voted to recommend to the supervisors that PRDs be deleted from the current ordinances. This would not affect development plans already submitted, but would prevent future high-density development.

Although the Oct. 21 hearing on new zoning ordinances was cancelled due to a miscommunication with the county, SOL encourages citizens to continue monitoring zoning discussions as the commission holds several morning workshops .

Treasurer's Report

From the $33,386 contributed to date we have paid the fees of our legal counsel and retained a hydrogeologist and traffic engineer. Due to the second and third development plans submitted, we estimate that at least $60,000 more is needed to continue SOL's efforts.

Save Our Liberty Receipts and Payments Account Through October 21, 2003


  • Donations and Membership 32,397
  • Donated Expenses 986
  • Interest 3
  • Total Income 33,386


  • Legal and Other Fees 29,272
  • Other Expenses Donated 986
  • Total Expenditures 30,258
  • Balance 3,128


  1. The above accounts reflect billings through September 30.
  2. October invoices will be payable in late November.
  3. Donated Expenses represent expenses paid by members as donations to SOL.
  4. The balance of $3,128 shown above includes $2,500 that is payable to a planning consultant, leaving $628 in SOL's bank account.

Sun., Dec. 14 Noon - 6 p.m.

Enjoy the country flair of historic and modern homes in Liberty Township. Treat friends and family to a wonderful holiday gift and support SOL at the same time! Culminating in a wine and cheese party with live jazz band. Mark your calendar now and look for details later. Or call 642-5815 or 642-5436.

Vote on November 4!

Two citizens are running for Liberty Township supervisor: write-in candidate Paul Harner and incumbent Charles Alexander. While SOL is not a PAC and therefore cannot recommend a candidate, we encourage you to learn about the candidates' positions and vote for the one who best represents your views on responsible development.

Planning Commission Workshops:

Mon., Wed., Fri. mornings, starting Nov. 10  6 – 9 P.m.
 The commission voted to retrieve the new zoning ordinance from the supervisors to correct errors in the document. The public may attend and comment to help keep the process moving.

How to Learn More

  • Join the SOL email list at
  • Help prepare or fund postal mailings so we can send newsletters out more often

Yes, It Makes a Difference When You Come to Public Meetings!

Please don't let last-minute postponements discourage you. If we stop attending township meetings, supervisors will think we are resigned to dense development in our community-and so will outside developers.

Worried about your taxes? Traffic? Overcrowded schools? Your well? Pollution? Then present questions and suggestions that can help our supervisors protect citizens as our community grows.

Upcoming public meetings, all planned to be held in Liberty Township offices, 39 Topper Rd., Fairfield:

Board of Supervisors Meeting

Wed., Nov. 5 7:30 p.m.

The board will announce whether and when hearings on the Community of Liberty are to be continued.

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