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$133,751 FY17 budget transfers approved

Danielle Ryan

(1/30) Emmitsburg Board of Commissioners discussed the allocation of overflow revenue from the FY17 budget to capital projects in the FY18 budget during the January meeting. The town had additional revenue funds in the amount of $133,751 in the FY17 general funds, and needed to be moved to capital projects funds for FY18. Of the estimated $165,000 worth of projects that need to be completed, town staff recommended a potential break down of fund transfers to ongoing and new projects in 2018.

Town Manager Cathy Willets suggested a $66,300 transfer for the reconstruction of the community pool. The pool renovation was initially estimated to cost $424,000, but there are additional costs that have been incurred throughout the renovation. These costs include: the installation of lights inside the pool, the repair of the underground spring that was found during demolition, the construction of an additional wall in the pump room and additional electrical work due to the corrosion of the current electrical panels. In addition, the town has to make some repairs that fall outside the pool reconstruction in order to be allowed to open the pool. These repairs include: a new roof over the pool house, which costs approximately $17,000, the installation of a new exhaust fan, extending the height of the fence that borders Christ Community Church, and fixing the retaining wall along West Lincoln. Good news is that the pool contractor, Make N’ Waves, informed town staff that the pool is actually ahead of schedule for May completion, just in time for the summer season.

Approximately $17,000 was recommended to be allocated to the dog park, which currently only has $4,890 worth of funds remaining. As Willets explained, the initial projected cost of the dog park was not truly realistic, so the town wasn’t able to apply for sufficient grant funds to help minimize the costs. Items that still need to be funded include: mulch to cover the entire area ($6,000), concrete pads at the entrance of the gates to comply with ADA accessibility, signage ($1,000), benches ($5,200), three pet waste stations ($1,300), the installation of the water line to the dog park ($3,300), two dog drinking fountains ($4,000) and a leash post. Willets told the Board that the initial fundraising effort only brought in about $1,500, but town staff will be making a second push at fundraising in hopes of procuring additional donations. If the town raises significant funds through their fundraising effort, the leftover money in this fund can be moved elsewhere at a later time.

Other projects include maintenance and minor road projects such as the $15,000 construction of an extension to the salt shed in town, repairing the potholes that run along Paul’s Pit Stop, which will cost $5,500, painting and future maintenance costs for the town’s rental house on 140 South Seton ($6,526), and the $4,500 water damage repair to the maintenance office on 22 East Main Street. Willets also suggested the Board set aside $8,500 for a project still in the works which may turn one of the narrow alleys on East Main Street into a sidewalk allowing pedestrian access to the new Seton Center. This project is a future budget item that will be discussed in the upcoming months, but for now, the $8,500 was set aside for this fund. Additionally, $10,000 was allocated to the GIS program specifically for mapping storm drains, outfalls and storm water management ponds. This mapping is one of the items the town must adhere to in order to keep in compliance with the MS-4 permit.

The Board voted to allocate all funds as suggested, only stipulating that staff hold off on purchasing the leash post and only purchase four benches for the dog park.

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