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Vigilant Hose Company announces annual fund drive

(10/23) If you have not already received the Vigilant Hose Company Annual Fund Drive letter, you can expect it any day now. The Vigilant Hose Company is requesting your help in meeting our goal to replace an engine that is almost 30 years old and will cost over $600,000. The company has been working with Pierce Apparatus sales and service in the design and requirements needed to bring our service up to date. Maintaining a modern fleet, of top of the line equipment, is very important to us and our citizens we serve every day. Modern equipment also enables us to provide up to date safety features that benefit our membership while delivering fire suppression service to the community.

Through our numerous fund raising efforts, we have been able to make investments towards reducing our debt. We continue to work towards the goal of replacing our 1989 engine which will be roughly 30 years old by the time the new engine would arrive. We continue to explore grant opportunities that will assist us in the purchase, but to date our requests have been unsuccessful.

Your generous donations will help us reach our goal and will allow us to maintain the high level of service you expect from us every day. Unlike most other companies in Frederick County, your fire protection is delivered by a 100% volunteer group of individuals that have an average alarm response time of less than 5 minutes. We are and will continue to be the leader in providing you the best service possible.

We strive to meet your needs, and along with our plans to bring the Emmitsburg Volunteer Ambulance Service, Company 26, into our organization, we will continuously and diligently work to bring you the best possible service when an emergency arises.

Please watch for additional new releases and updates on our fund drive, our merger process with the Emmitsburg Ambulance Company and the Subscription notice coming from Frederick County Billing Services which provides the opportunity for you and your family to join and not have to worry about ambulance billing charges in the event of a medical emergency. We appreciate your support and thank you in advance for your generosity. Be safe!

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