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Emmitsburg community projects update

Dog Park

The estimated completion for the dog park is late winter/early spring 2018. To date, the site has been cleared of vegetation and the contract to install the fence has been signed. The fence, waterline and amenities are next to be installed, along with the mulch. Mulch was recommended instead of natural grass to keep the area from becoming too muddy, however, the town may consider planting grass in the future. So far, the town has spent $8,500 of the estimated $33,775 project cost. The money spent so far was from a Project Open Space grant in the amount of $13,000. The town still has to raise $18,910 for the remainder of this project.

Emmit Garden Playground

The Emmit Garden Playground is still in the early stages. As the proposed location sits on a 100-year floodplain, an application had to be submitted to the MDE joint Federal/State for its alteration. This was done on September 26, and MDE has up to 180 days to review the application, which includes the site plan and proposed equipment.

The total cost for this project is $16,930, which includes the installation of an ADA accessible walkway, playground equipment, rock borders and the wood carpet. A Project Open Space grant in the amount of $10,000 was received already and the application fee was waived. The town plans on using funds set aside several years ago in the amount of $7,500 to cover the remainder of the project cost. After approval by MDE the town will proceed with the installation of the playground equipment.

Square Revitalization

The sidewalk project has been well underway and is on track for its spring 2018 completion date. Connection to Timbermill Run will occur at the completion of the sidewalk work prior to the beginning of the work on the square. The contractor still needs to complete the asphalt work on the square where the waterline work was done at the beginning of the summer.

The town has thus far incurred $7,500 in damages from the construction crew over the course of this project. Town staff is in the process of sending invoices and getting the payment resolved for the damage.

Flat Run Bridge

The estimated completion date for the Flat Run Bridge project is December 2019, slightly over a year from now. So far, Phase 1 Stream diversion is complete, the portable sediment tank has been installed and the southwest quadrant has been demolished. After weeks of discussion it has been proposed that the waterline will be moved. Most work, at this point, is being done underneath the bridge, so residents may not be able to see any "action."

Community Pool

The community pool project is on schedule and residents can expect the pool to be completed by May 2018. Demolition of the old pool has already been completed and the interior work is underway. Interior lighting has been installed, and the deep end has been widened. However, an underground spring was found during demolition, and it is leaking into the pool, which is causing extra, unanticipated work in the pool shell pouring. The estimate to have this problem taken care of is $4,600. Even so, Make N Waves hopes to have the pool shell complete by Thanksgiving.

So far, the project has cost approximately $159,000. The town received a $217,200 Community Parks and Playground grant for this project. $166,724 is left for the remainder of this project.

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