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Emmitsburg news-briefs

Danielle Ryan

(7/19) Community Legacy Grant

On July 5, at the Emmitsburg Town meeting, the Board of Commissioners approved the application for money to fund the Community Legacy Grant program. The Community Legacy Grant is a 50/50 matching State grant program used for community and Town improvements. In 2013, the Town received $50,000 through this program and has received the same amount every year since. The Town is asking for $75,000 this year, in hopes of being able to fund some additional projects. The application of the grant would be for the 2017 fiscal year. In the past, the money received from this grant has been used for the square project and sidewalk improvements on Main Street.

Sidewalk maintenance ordinance

Amendments to the Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places Code were discussed at the July 5 Town meeting. Concerns over citizen responsibility for littering in front of homes within the Town limits were brought up in past meetings. A draft of amendments was sent to the Town attorney and was then brought to the Board for approval. Amendments included: specifics on the definition of litter, which includes newspapers, smoking debris, and trash. The amendment also included the statement that upon observation of an accumulation of debris and litter that is within violation of the code, the Town may send a written warning to the owner of the property under violation, who then has ten days to correct the violation. If no correction is seen, then the property owner will be fined.

Commissioner Joseph Ritz mentioned his concern over property owners having to clean up the trash and litter of a passerby who may have littered on their property. President Tim O’Donnell spoke and said that the Town wants to promote a sense of cleanliness, and "walkability" of children, and residents in the community. Treasurer, Glenn Blanchard also spoke to the notion that those under violation will probably only be those who are blatantly offending the code; those who have trash all over their yard, as opposed to someone who may have a few cigarette butts on their lawn.

After further discussion, the Commissioners decided to re-visit the amendment during the August meeting, after further modifications are made.

Lead Sewer/Water Operator hired

On July 5, the Board voted unanimously to hire Matthew Desmond for the Town position of Lead Sewer/Water Operator. Of all the applicants, Desmond was by far the most qualified, already having his Class 5A Wastewater License. He worked for the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Frederick prior to being hired by Emmitsburg.

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