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Emmitsburg Town Commissioner Candidate Glenn Blanchard

(9/2016) I have been an Emmitsburg resident for 25 years. My wife Maggie and I know we are raising our children Grace and Will in a compassionate community of residents who really care about one another. Our daughter Grace just graduated from Mother Seton School and I am proud of the education she received there. I am honored that Grace continued the legacy of attending Mother Seton School. My mother in law, Mary Louise Jordan is a St. Euphena’s grade school and St. Josephs High School and College graduate.

My family are parishioners of St. Josephs church, where I serve as a lector and my daughter volunteers as an alter server. I am a member of the local Sons of the American Legion Post 121 in town, and have proudly represented Emmitsburg at the Doughboy re-dedication, Flag Day ceremony, and the dedication of the footbridge over rt. 15. I serve as the treasurer of the Emmitsburg Food Bank, and assist at the different food drops during the summer. I have been a member of the food bank for a number of years and believe strongly in the service the organization brings to the town. During the winter months, I have served as a volunteer docent for the shrine of St. Elizabeth Anne Seton.

During my time as a Town Commissioner, I have been part of a team that works together well. I know that things get done in town because town commissioners, the mayor, and the especially the town staff can find consensus on getting the job done. The work of local government is not always smooth, but I feel that outcome is positive for the town. A number of town improvements were accomplished during my tenure as a town commissioner. I want to make clear that I do not claim individual credit for any of these items. They were accomplished by collaborative effort. I think the community garden is a positive contribution to the town. Allowing people to grow some of their own vegetables is a good thing. The bike trails that have threaded their way over the mountain near Rainbow Lake have enhanced our community. I strongly support Commissioner Tim O’Donnell in his efforts to make these trails a reality. Commissioner Mellor’s efforts to make our parks and pool, Americans with Disabilities Act compliant is also another worthy contribution to our town. Lastly I support Mayor Briggs leadership in upgrading our water treatment plant, along with the square revitalization program. Our town is making progress moving forward. There have been set-backs over the years, but our town has weathered these set-backs and continues to make progress. If re-elected, I promise to work hard for the people of Emmitsburg and help our town continue to move forward.

My hopes for the future of Emmitsburg are the following:

  • A revitalized downtown square.
  • Upgraded parks and a pool that serve the community.
  • A sense of community that connects each and every citizen together.

Thank you, and I hope for your vote on September the 27th, 2016. Thank you for your support ! A vote for me is a vote for you.

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