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Emmitsburg Citizens Advisory Committee

Liz Buckman
Town Commissioner

(12/1) The purpose of this Emmitsburg Citizens Advisory Committee is to research and propose general recommendations, rules and policies related to quality of life issues in the town of Emmitsburg. One of our primary values is caring for our families and our communities. Unity is a key factor in providing a safe place for our children to grow and thrive, as it is for our most senior citizens. Monthly we hold a meeting to discuss topic that will promote the health and wellbeing of our community as a whole.

During the November 8th meeting we discussed the following:

  • How to get information and activities to all persons in the town. The committee and guest decided that we should post all of the venues to advertise on with the town government. This way all parties will post activities, classes, and important facts.
  • Compiling a working list of all locations that our citizens can volunteer and donate items. This information will also be shared with school so students can do their community service hours in town,
  • Compiling a list of organizations people can join so they can be part of a group. There are so many groups that do such fun and amazing things. This will also be posted on the town website soon.
  • Possibly placing a memorial plaque in the park with the four benches to commemorate our outstanding citizens.
  • Starting a school incentive to decorate/design colorful fire hydrants throughout the town. The Eagle Scouts are painting some, selected classes selected images will be painted on the others. Ideas are still in the works, and so is the legal issues. Sounds like fun though.
  • We talked about improving the lighting on the Christmas tree in the front of the library. We should really make a statement for people that pass through. We will look into making the lamps in town more decorative.
  • Our committee is also compiling a "Welcome to Emmitsburg" packet to new residents. This will help them navigate the town and our many facets.

Our next Citizenís Advisory Committee meeting is on January 15th at 8pm in the town offices. Please consider joining us and getting involved in making our town great.

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