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Emmitsburg reelects town commissioners

Sarah Harrington

(9/28) Emmitsburg residents voted to reelect two of their commissioners on Tuesday, September 28th.

Commissioners Tim O’Donnell and Clifford Sweeney ran unopposed in the election for the two commissioner seats.

Thirty-eight Emmitsburg residents participated in the polls on Tuesday. Commissioner Sweeney received 35 votes while O’Donnell received 38.

Of the 1,692 registered voters in Emmitsburg, only 2% turned out for the election, the lowest turnout for an Emmitsburg election according to Historical Society records since the founding of Emmitsburg in 1825.

Commissioner O’Donnell said he was thankful and excited to be able to begin another three-year term serving the Emmitsburg community. O’Donnell has served six years on the board of Commissioners.

As he prepares to begin another three year term O’Donnell is looking forward to the help he will provide for the community. "Our community will see significant change in the next few years." O’Donnell explains. The town will be seeing changes such as sidewalk improvements, renovations to the square, a new bridge with sidewalks over Flat Run near Jubilee Foods, and noteworthy growth to the relationship with Mount St. Mary’s University according to O’Donnell. O’Donnell’s intent is to see the transportation projects and the town’s relations with the University reflect a partnership.

O’Donnell hopes that in his new term he will be able to enhance the already attractive quality of life in Emmitsburg. He says he will continue to support programs for the youth, families, and to the community members as a whole. O’Donnell plans to continue the work on the development of the town’s world class multi-user trail network.

He plans to continue his support of the community’s cultural assets and seeks to further support and promote the community’s anchor institutions. He describes the Emmitsburg community as a vibrant and innovative community that he is proud to continue to enhance.

Commissioner Sweeney, also elected to a 3 year term, is not only the longest serving commissioner on the current town council, but the longest serving council member in recent memory, having already served in the town council for 17 years now. Had Sweeney not been briefly unseated in the 2004 election, he would not have been the longest serving Town Council member in the town’s history. (Sweeny was retuned to office in the 2006 election)

"I really appreciate the citizens reelecting me." Sweeney says he has really seen the town’s improvement over the years he has been on the board. He looks forward to watching the town grow as he serves for another three years. As he looks to the future, Sweeney is striving to attract new businesses into the town. He is anticipating the improvements that are to come which include the revitalization of the square, and a new entry way to the town.

At the October 5th town meeting, Sweeney and O’Donnell were sworn in to serve another three year term on the board.

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