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Emmitsburg prepares for election

Sarah Harrington

(8/22) The time for elections in Emmitsburg is approaching fast. The town will be holding an election this month for two Board of Commissioner seats.

Both current Commissioners Tim O’Donnell and Clifford Sweeney’s terms are coming to a close this year. On September 29th residents of Emmitsburg will head to the polls to give their vote to determine who will fill the two Board of Commissioners seats.

Commissioner O’Donnell currently serves as the President of the Board of Commissioners. O’Donnell has served on the board for 6 years now. He is currently in his second term. As his second term comes to an end he has decided to run in the upcoming election and hopes to be able to serve a third term. O’Donnell commented, "It is my hope to continue serving our community."

Commissioner Sweeney currently serves on the board as Vice President. Sweeney has served on the board for 17 years. He began in 1996. He hopes to be able to return to his seat on the board for another term. He is excited at the prospect of what is to come for the town and its residents. Sweeney states, "Looking forward to the next three years, a lot of things are going to happen, there will be a lot of big changes for the town."

Unfortunately as we go to press before the official closing of the window to submit applications for the open seats, we cannot give you the final list of candidates. However, the final list will be posted to the town’s bulletin board in front of the police station on East Main Street, as well as on the town website.

The final day for residents to register to vote is August 28th. The election will be held on September 29th with polls opening at 7 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m. The election will be held at the Emmitsburg Police station located at 22 East Main Street.

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