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Carnival fun has begun!

Sarah Harrington

(5/23) Mother Seton School’s (MSS) 33rd annual carnival fundraiser consisted of a week of great crowds despite some rain and cold weather. Carnival goers came out to enjoy fun rides, live music, cool games, and delicious food. The carnival was open from May 18-23.

Each night people were lining up at 5:30 pm, waiting anxiously to purchase tickets or a wristband and start their night of rides, food, and entertainment. Russ Amusements of Wellsville, PA provided the rides and carnival games. The rides included new additions such as the Crazy Bus, and old favorites like the Zipper, the carousel, a kiddie roller coaster, and the Scrambler.

8th grade MSS student Emily Longenecker enjoyed her last year at the carnival as a student by riding the Zipper. Longenecker said the ride was more fun than shopping! The tickets and wristbands were affordable for families. Ally Rabaiott, an MSS mom of Keymar who volunteered for the ticket booth, encouraged carnival goers to buy the wristbands: "It’s totally worth it!"

Rabaiotti was just one of the many MSS parents to volunteer. Many MSS families, students, and alumni came out that week to volunteer and support the school. From working at the food or soda stand to washing dishes, the school community came together to pull off a great event in support of the school.

Local organizations ran the food tents and the bingo tent. The guests could enjoy crab cakes, Italian sausage, French fries, pit beef, fried chicken, steak and cheese, nachos and cheese, funnel cakes, and soft serve ice cream. The food was a hit! Rabaiotti joked that if she didn’t have kids she’d be walking up and down the food line eating. "The food is great!" said Leann Price, grandmother of two MSS students.

During the week, the grounds of MSS were filled with the sounds of great local live bands such as Red Line and JJAM. On Monday night, MSS welcomed back alumnae Megan McGee and Kara Roberts and their band, Elemantree, for Alumni Night.

Whether families were coming out to enjoy the food, music, games, and rides or just to support the school, there was something there for everyone. Price commented that the event was great family fun, and Rabaiotti described it as a "fun family experience." Kids’ laughter and screams confirmed their excitement for the carnival. First grader Aubrey Harrington of Emmitsburg wished that the carnival would never leave.

The carnival is not only a fundraiser for the school, but also for other organizations that will use the proceeds to continue their work in the community.

The Emmitsburg carnival is just the beginning of carnival season. Starting on June 1 through the 7, the Woodsboro Volunteer Fire Rescue Company will host their annual carnival. On the June 8, the Taneytown Fire Company will be hosting theirs; the Harney Volunteer Fire Company’s carnival will begin on the 14th of June; Walkersville will be putting their carnival on during the week of June 29; lastly, Thurmont will kick off their carnival festivities on July 7.

The town’s volunteer fire companies put on these carnivals to raise money for their organizations. The community’s support keeps the companies going and allows them to continue doing their service for their communities. The proceeds that come from these carnivals ultimately go right back into the community through the services given by the companies.

Come out and support local organizations while enjoying a night of festivities with your families!

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